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The show segment that their batch was set to appear in would be aired at primetime; thus, the viewership was the highest.

Lu Jingtian, Li Jiuxian, and Yang Mi would also make their appearances in the show with them.

Qin Zhou had chosen an elegant dress for his charge.

Such gowns were very suitable to Yun Shishi as they made her look classy.

It was apparent that he was purposely pairing her to the superstar as he had also chosen a formal attire with a matching color to hers for the superstar.

When she rushed to the broadcast station\'s waiting room and saw the superstar\'s suit, her face turned red.

This was clearly a couple outfit, right

So compatible! praised her manager from the side.

She said miserably, I\'ll get trampled on by Xingze\'s fans on Weibo tonight because of you!

Stupid! It\'s good to get trampled on.

This means that you are trending.

The scariest thing that can happen to a celebrity is not to be talked about! barked her agent.

How could she protest

This promotional method had only been in motion for a bit, yet her Weibo was already being encircled by the superstar\'s fans.

Once this program was aired, it would be strange if she was not crushed by them!

Won\'t it be fine if you don\'t look at it He laughed.

I am afraid that people will send me razor blades, she confessed.

He was silent.

In reality, she had already received quite a few threatening letters.

That was why she had lingering fears.

One of the hosts, Lu Fei, met with her specially before the recording.

When they met for the first time, the host gave off a refined and courteous vibe.

He had a very good impression of her as well.

Unlike the common newbies, she was especially polite.

Her courtesy and respect came from the bottom of her heart.

Seeing her for the first time, he felt that this lady was really not bad!

He had seen cuts of the movie, but after seeing her in person, he thought that she was classier than on the screen.

He had a simple interaction with her before they went through their lines.

After exchanging a few more words, he left.

They began airing the program.

Because the show was live, they could not afford to make any mistakes.

The program director went through the script with her before she climbed on stage.

He warned repeatedly, This is live, so please avoid making mistakes.

If anything happens while on air, it can\'t be edited out.

The program started.

Once she and the superstar were on stage, Lu Fei focused on asking questions about \'The Green Apple\'.

Everything was still progressing smoothly.

Thereafter, the hosts and the guests split into two teams and played a small game, which tested the level of chemistry between the actors and actresses.

A word guessing game.

One person received a card, and they must act out the word shown on it, while another tried guessing the answer.

Within sixty seconds, their pair scored the highest number of points.

Lu Fei laughed and praised them from the side.

Xingze and Shishi really do have a lot of chemistry! They answered eight out of ten questions correctly.

I myself couldn\'t guess some of them, yet she quickly guessed them correctly.

Their chemistry is really something to be envious about!

The director signaled from below, and the crowd cheered to exaggerate the atmosphere.

She glanced at the superstar bashfully, but her heart disagreed silently.

That\'s because I memorized all the answers before coming on stage.

In the past, when she watched this show, she thought that the games were interesting and it had many funny portions.

In the end… it turned out that they were all scripted.

From the big things like the answers to the questions to the smallest things like facial expressions, everything was scripted.

The host, who had also received the script, purposely shifted the focus from the pair by asking, Eh Xingze, did you two have so much chemistry as well during filming


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