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The style of the song was light and brisk, and one could recite it with ease.

It was sweet and filled with warmth; thus, it quickly received widespread popularity.

Those who had seen the movie\'s plot in the music video were all now avidly waiting for the release of the movie.

The movie was set to premiere during the golden primetime at this year\'s end.

As the target audience was mainly students, it would be up during the winter holidays.

Lin Fengtian held high expectations for the movie\'s revenue.

Expected to become a box-office hit, the movie\'s premiere was estimated to generate over two billion dollars in profits!

These few days were packed with programs.

The movie would soon be finalized as its shooting and was nearing completion.

Following that would be the commencement of post-production editing.

The production team was already preparing for the promotional period before the eventual release of the movie.

Huanyu had every intention to market Gu Xingze and Yun Shishi as a CP to hype up the movie, as well as to pander to the movie\'s plot.

Linking the main leads of an upcoming movie was an old and proven marketing strategy in the entertainment industry to garner more attention.

With the imaginative minds of the masses, this tactic was truly well-tried.

Qin Zhou had accepted a few program guestings for his charge.

One of them was a reality TV show called \'The Love Diary\', which had a heavy manuscript.

It was an authentic reality show of Chengguang Channel, and \'imaginary love\' was its selling point.

In the show, celebrities were made to act as lovers as they participated in a series of challenges.

In just a few weeks, this TV show had quickly climbed up to popularity.

Gu Xingze and Yun Shishi were the second pairing for the show.

Because of the superstar, their pairing was given a lot of attention!

Of course, as reality TV shows went, there would always be scripts ready.

After all, they needed to make their dialogues and such interesting!

If not, where would the topics and viewer ratings come from

The recording for the show was set the next month, and the script for it would be sent to her before that.

Once it was time, all she had to do was follow the script.

When she heard that her manager had accepted this program for her, she was a little speechless.

Qin Zhou glanced at her.

What Are you unwilling Shishi, you need to be more thoughtful! Do you know how many female celebs hope to participate in \'The Love Diary\' as Gu Xingze\'s partner to ride on his coattails

He he! I must be really lucky, then! She stuck out her tongue.

It\'s good that you know! He knocked her on the head.

We have a tight schedule this week; in fact, we have another show to participate tonight.

What show

It\'s \'Up Close with a Starlight\'; make sure to perform well! answered her manager while handing her some paper.

This is the script for that show; go read through this first.

All the questions that the TV host would ask, and how she should answer them, were in this script.

She just had to memorize everything; that was all.

\'Up Close with a Starlight\' was a famous talk show.

The host line-up was made up of big TV personalities.

The chief host was Liu Fei, a top entertainer in the field.

He had a very profound knowledge for hosting and among other things.

Not only did he have a high cultural insight, he was also witty and charming.

Under his leadership, the show\'s atmosphere was relaxed and humorous.

As he made the audience laugh, he would often share a few wise sayings.

Most people who had been on his show were mainly relaxed and were not forced to crack jokes or act silly.

Usually, a total of ten guests would be invited for one program.

They were split into first and second batch.

Yun Shishi and Gu Xingze were part of the first batch.

The show segment that their batch was set to appear in would be aired at primetime; thus, the viewership was the highest.CP means \'character pairing\'.


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