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I… She was dumbstruck by his unexpected words.

He had always treated her with indulgence since she was a child.

Even when she was in the wrong at times, he had never once berated her.

This was the first time that he had chastised her.

Brother Mu, what do you mean

She pouted, feeling displeased.

What do you mean by me going overboard

Don\'t you know it yourself! Pausing for a bit, he continued in a harsher tone.

I\'m furious with what happened today, and I don\'t want to see a repeat of it! Since you are still young and insensible, I\'ll let this one slide! After all, I\'m not your parents; I have neither the obligation nor the responsibility to punish you, but you\'ll have to apologize to her in person!

He deliberately emphasized the words \'in person\' and spoke in a voice that brooked no argument.

She was stunned!

Once she came to her senses, her heart twitched in pain.

Indignant and unrepentant, she shouted, What for! Why should I apologize to her I did nothing wrong!

Don\'t you know it yourself whether you\'ve done something wrong or not!

His tone was unpleasant.

Without caring for her feelings, he coldly warned, Song Enya, remember this: You don\'t have my unconditional indulgence! There are some people whom you can\'t touch!

His words were indeed harsh.

She was shocked at this unexpected turn of events.

That woman, apparently, carried a lot of weight in his heart.

This was the first time in her life that he had spoken so harshly to her!

I\'ll let you off this one time, but there won\'t be a next time! If this happens again…

He left his words hanging to give her some room for reflection.

With that, he hung up the call.

Her hands trembled uncontrollably as she clutched her phone.

When she came back to her senses, her phone had already been smashed to the ground by her!

Why should she apologize!


He\'s so protective of her

What unconditional indulgence It was not like this before!

She miserably buried her face in her hands and shuddered as boiling hot tears fell to them.

Naturally, she could not bear to eat the humble pie and apologize to Yun Shishi in person!

Having always been spoiled by her family, she grew up haughty.

It was impossible for her to humble herself before someone, much less to a commoner with no background!

This was probably why her calls to the man were all mercilessly ended!

It seemed that, unless she went to apologize to that woman in person, he was bent on ignoring her.

Despite being livid about this, she was still unwilling to put down her pride.

After the scenes between \'Yin Xiachun\' and \'Yin Dongyu\' were cleared, Yun Shishi received a notice, so for the following few days, she had been familiarizing herself with a musical composition.

Gu Xingze had written a theme song for \'The Green Apple\'; it was a duet filled with warmth and sweetness.

She entered a recording studio for a demo.

The short samples she had recorded initially did not satisfy the superstar.

Only after a few rounds of changing the composition and re-recording was he finally satisfied with it.

Because it was the theme song, they needed not specially film a MV for it.

After selecting several poignant cuts from the movie and filming a video of them singing together in the studio, the song was then released on the Internet as a preview.

Their duet song quickly rose in the charts once it was released.

As it was an adaptation of a popular novel, coupled with the superstar\'s extraordinary influence, the song topped the charts in two days.


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