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His words, filled with guilt and tenderness, actually dissipated a large part of her anger and grievance!

She was a little annoyed at herself for being so easy; originally, she intended not to forgive this man in this life.

However, as soon as she heard him say those words, the walls around her heart instantly crumbled.

He sat down in bed with her in his arms and then went to lift her clothes.

She speedily stopped him.

What are you doing

Behave and don\'t move! Let me take a look!

Don\'t look!

She righteously refused him, but would he really listen to her

Without further ado, he lifted her skirt high.

What came into view actually shocked him!

It turned out that the scratches were minor injuries!

Patches of bruises colored her white porcelain skin! With a gander, he could tell that it was maliciously pinched by someone!

This woman\'s body was hypersensitive, and this was shown during matters in bed.

Each time he did not pay heed to the force of his hands, he would leave marks on her body.

Hence, he had always been treating her with much care!

He loved her fair, jade-like skin, but it was devastatingly ruined now!

His gaze turned frostier as his fingers caressed those wounds, which caused her to hiss suddenly.

It hurts…

The twins, who had just returned home from their trip to the pharmacy, saw this scene when they pushed open the bedroom door.

Youyou blushed, having mistakenly thought that his parents were doing something shameful, but upon a closer look, he realized that his father was merely inspecting his mother\'s body wounds!

Daddy! He walked toward them with his head tucked down, handing the cream for bruises to him.

Mommy, do your wounds still hurt

He turned his face away to the wall and asked with concern.

At such a young age, he had already understood that there were differences between the anatomy of men and women.

It no longer hurts, answered his mother.

The little lad sipped his lips.

This boy was unaware of the incident in its entirety, and she did not want to mention a word about it, but if he were to know why Song Enya had come knocking at their door, he would definitely ignore his father this time!

You went to buy medicine asked the man to his sons.

The kids nodded.

Have you all eaten yet

No, I\'ll prepare something right away.

Daddy, are you eating

No need to make my share; I\'ve already eaten.

Youyou nodded and then took another look at his mother.

Only upon seeing that her mood had stabilized a little, did he feel relieved enough to retreat from the room.

The man picked up the medication and smeared some on his palm before carefully and slowly rubbing it on her wounds.

She frowned in pain.

It hurts…

Bear with it for a while.

The wounds will recover faster after applying medication!

Following which, his hand movement became even gentler as he spread the medication and rubbed her bruised and wounded skin gently.

It was rare to see his patient side.

Her heart warmed slightly at the sight, but when she recalled his earlier aggression, she inevitably got angry again.

She muttered, Don\'t think that I\'ll forgive you with this!

Raising a brow, he peeked at her; the pressure from his hand intensified.

She hissed in pain and then glared at him.

Are you doing it on purpose!

Be nice!

This woman actually took an inch for a yard when he softened his attitude a little.

She felt a little resentful at him as she bit her lower lip but no longer put up any resistance.


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