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Linking it to the previous matter, he could guess who had done this to her!

Why… did she not say so, though!

The man was frustrated.

Why would she not tell him that she was injured

Was it done by Enya Hm!

Grabbing her chin, he looked at her with his piercing eyes.

Answer me.

Her stubbornness overcame her, though.

Thus, she pushed him away and, with a cold and distant voice, answered, What does it have to do with you!

What do you mean by that! He was even more furious.

He grabbed her flailing hands and pulled her into his embrace.

Don\'t you say that!

Sucking in a cold breath of air, she raised her head and stared straight at him with reddened eyes.

Well, you want to ask, right! I\'ll tell you, then! Who else could it be besides your niece! Absurdly intruding into our house with Lu Jingtian and a strange man, she then slapped me in the face without a word! Saying words like I can\'t afford to offend the Song family – that even if she chops off my hand, no one will dare to complain about her! Why! What right does she have to act so arrogantly and to trample on the dignity of others at her will Isn\'t it just because her family has power and influence! She\'s a bully! Not only this, she even wanted me to kowtow to her as apology! What nonsense! She\'s not my parents; why should I kneel before her! So we fought.

I\'ve said it; I\'ve said it all.

Are you satisfied now Are you satisfied!

That last question sapped all her strength as she bellowed herself hoarse to vent her frustration.

The man was stunned!

After screaming everything, she gasped for a moment and calmed herself down.

With pursed lips, she then asked in a hoarse and trembling voice, What must I do Should I really kowtow to her How lowly am I for her to trample on my dignity in such a manner!

The feeling of someone trampling on one\'s dignity was worse than death.

With that, she huddled to herself and burrowed her face in his chest, unwilling to let him see her at her sorriest state!

If she could find a place to nurse her wounds quietly, how great would that be

The man hugged her.

Through the thin clothes, he could feel her burning breath and scalding tears.

Don\'t cry! I was in the wrong earlier!

He bowed his head to her and admitted his fault.

His attitude was indeed problematic earlier!

Hence, he swallowed his pride and whispered this apology to her ear.

I\'m sorry!

Those words weighed even more than a thousand pounds of gold.

He was such a proud person.

Being the Mu family\'s heir and head, he was God\'s favored one.

Thus, he had never bowed his head to anyone, nor had he ever apologized to anyone before.

This was the first time he had said such words himself.

It was also the first time he had swallowed his pride for someone.

It\'s my fault for flaring up at you before I even get the facts straight.

Don\'t cry, or else… my heart will ache!

His heart ached as she cried.

He was usually impatient toward women, especially to the tears of women.

However, he was helpless when it came to her tears.

As soon as she cried, his heart would soften into mush, and he would be utterly defeated.

She was rendered dazed by his apology, feeling that it was so surreal to hear him say such words!

It was as if she were dreaming.


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