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This was so unfair.

In her heart, she sighed in desolation.

The man knitted his brows at her cynical tone, only to hear her retort, So Do you want me to go up to them and kowtow as an apology Since the Song family is so powerful and influential, am I going to be thrown into jail for hurting her People with power are indeed different.

With one hand, they can cover the sky.

I am so scared! How can a commoner like me even think of fighting against that family\'s magnificent daughter

With a displeased expression, he went up to her and grabbed her jaw.

His icy stare was fixed on her face.

I am asking you something; must you be so sarcastic!


She held back the tears pooling in her eyes and smiled, instead, before retorting as she kept her calm, What do you want me to do, then! Yes, I broke her hand and hit her.

I even slapped her, cussed at her, and called her a shameless wretch!

You— He was at a loss for words due to his anger; the strength in his hand doubled.

I\'m just asking you what happened; why must you use such a tone on me!

She only felt more wronged in that moment as her chin seemed to be moved out of place by his harsh grasp.

Before he could finish his words, her tears started falling.

They tumbled down his hand and seemed to scald him dreadfully!

A woman\'s mind was complex and sensitive.

After such an issue, upon his return, she was hoping for his warm embrace and him to listen patiently to her ranting!

She was not begging for him to back her up.

Instead, he came back with so much aggression and outright accusation.

Ah, ah! What was there to explain!

Were there a lot of things that needed explanation!

She bit her lower lip.

She seemed to have lost all her strength at once.

Her voice was rough and fragmented.

What do you want me to do

Don\'t cry! He was terribly afraid of her tears.

If she cried, he would be completely stumped!

When he forbade her from crying, her tears only fell even more resolutely.

Unabated tears rolled down her face like a broken strand of pearls.

Loving you is such a tiring thing to do! You are so outstanding—too high for one to reach, while I am petty and insignificant like dust… Loving you is really tiring…

She bit her lower red lip and turned her face away.

She did not want this man to see her all heartbroken.

He reached out and tried pulling her into his embrace, but shied away from his reach.

She wrapped herself in the blanket and refused to be touched by him.

She was clearly escaping from him intentionally!

How could he allow her to escape, though

He walked over and threw the blanket aside before pulling her into his arms.

She struggled crazily against him as she shouted angrily, Don\'t touch me! Get lost!

Stop! Be obedient! He subdued her tightly in his embrace, not allowing her to struggle in any way.

His strength was enormous and filled with dominance, leaving her with no way to resist.

He continued hugging her tightly, waiting for her to calm down, and said in a low voice, I was irrational earlier.

Perhaps, things weren\'t as I imagined.

When I returned home, I shouldn\'t have deemed you as guilty.

I should\'ve listened to your explanation first! You don\'t have to be so mean with your words as well.

She stayed silent, but the fret in her heart eased a little.

He said that he was not condemning her as the guilty party, but that expression he had the moment he came home was clearly one of pinning the blame on her, was it not


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