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Thus, she raised her head and smiled.

Let\'s go for a walk!

There was a beautiful river in the capital, and at night, it would be bathed by warm neon lights; it was such a breathtaking scene.

By the riverbanks, one could see the tallest edifice in the capital, which was an iconic building, the Central TV Tower.

They were both busy people and rarely had time to go for such a leisure walk together.

Mu Yazhe postponed much of his work before he could finally have spare time.

The busy city was lit by neon lights at night.

Holding his arm, they walked along the riverbanks.

She saw many young couples snuggling and whispering words of love on the long benches by the riverbanks.

It was such a romantic sight.

It occurred to her suddenly that they seldom had a proper date.

Hence, she tugged on his sleeve and smiled.

Let\'s go on a date.

Following her line of vision, the man laughed in understanding.

We\'re an old married couple, yet you still want to date like the youngsters

Her face fell as she muttered, apparently disgruntled with him.

How are we old I\'m only 24 – clearly not yet old.

Besides, who\'s an old married couple with you Despite dating for so long, we\'ve never dated like any other couples before.


How do you want our date to be

She was unhappy with his reply.

Why does it seem as if I\'m forcing you to go on a date

The man was amused by her aggrieved face.

Calmly crossing his arms, he asked, So, Miss Yun, are you willing to go on a date with me

She was tickled pink at this, but she hid her smile and demurely answered, Alright, albeit with much reluctance.

She could not help thinking how blissful it was to have a date with him at night like a normal couple.

If they could sit side by side on a bench by the riverbanks and gaze at the beautiful nightscape, she would feel very much contented.

She was about to pull him to a bench when she caught him gazing ponderously at a couple not far from them.

She followed his line of vision, only to see a couple intimately embracing and engaging in a hot kiss.

The female\'s shirt was down to her shoulders, revealing her sexy bra straps.

Her male partner was unrestrainedly and indulgently caressing her under her clothes.

With nobody next to them, the two behaved intimately and let out repressed gasps at times.

They were so engaged in their kisses that they did not mind the judging looks of passersby.

Their actions were getting steamier; were they going to put on a passionate show on the street

So shocking!

She was so embarrassed by what she saw that she hurriedly looked away.

Turning his face over, he did not seem to be surprised when he saw her awkward face.

He lifted his lips into a wicked smile and whispered to her ear, I heard that this method lets the couple feel more passionate; why don\'t we give it a try

She almost spat out blood, her face growing increasingly hot.

You… What do you want to do

While it\'s still dark, isn\'t it good to do some exercise, which is beneficial to our physical and mental health

Get lost!

She turned her head and changed the topic by pointing to a nearby puff workshop.

I want some puffs.

He rubbed her fringe, laughing and admiring her shy expression.

Foolish woman.


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