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Song Enya was furious; Yun Shishi was really arrogant to dare offend them.

She had dealt with her last time, and it was Lu Jingtian this time.

How could she be so arrogant!

Hence, she said, Don\'t be sad! Rest assured; I\'ll avenge you!

Alright! exclaimed Lu Jingtian with teary eyes.

How do you intend to avenge me

He he! You just have to act according to my arrangements!

Back at home, Yun Shishi entered the bathroom for a bath.

Her body was dirtied with mud and dirt when she fought earlier.

After carefully washing her body, she changed into a white dress.

She stood before the mirror and bowed her head to look at her arms; the bloody streaks on her arms had gradually faded off, while the broken bits of skin on her hands were still there.

The wound was shallow – merely an abrasion; hence, she saw no need to put a plaster on it.

After dinner, the twins ran to the yard to play badminton.

The two little fellows had been glued together recently.

Be it sleeping or doing homework, Little Yichen liked sticking close to his brother.

Youyou, on the other hand, only despised his brother for being stupid on the surface.

In fact, he had gradually warmed up to him and became more cheerful with him.

She sat on the sofa and thought of Lu Jingtian\'s words.

Somehow, she felt very moody.

When Mu Yazhe returned from the office, he found her alone on the sofa upon pushing the door open.

The living room lights were off, and she sat there alone quietly.

Leaning at one corner of the sofa, she seemed to be asleep.

She was startled awake by him turning on the lights.

She opened her groggy eyes a little.

Her disoriented look with her slightly hooded eyes made the woman seem very silly and innocent.

That pair of alluring peach eyes, meanwhile, added a lazy and coy charm to her!

Realizing that he was back, she promptly sat up and smiled at him.

With a hoarse voice, she said, You\'re back!

Glancing at the table, he asked, Have you eaten

Yes, I\'ve eaten, she replied.

The boys are playing badminton!

With that, she looked behind him.

Eh Where\'s the puppy

He answered, In the yard.

Playing with the two little fellows.


Sitting down on the sofa, he noticed that her hair was slightly messy; hence, he reached out and tucked a few locks of it behind her ear.

She blushed at his contact and seemed to feel shy.

Suddenly, she recalled what had happened today.

She had the urge to ask him about it, but when she tentatively opened her pursed mouth, she felt at a loss on how to broach the subject!

He raised his brow at her bizarre expression.

What\'s wrong Why do you look so awful

Today, the production team held a celebratory banquet…


She opened and closed her mouth several times but ended up not saying anything.

She did not ask about the press conference, too.

Since she had chosen to trust him, she would trust him unconditionally!

Even though she did not know his motives for holding a press conference, she refused to believe that he would announce his wedding with Mu Wanrou.

Although she did not understand why he had kept her in the dark, she believed that he had his reasons for doing so!

Since he did not mention it to her, she would not ask about it, too.


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