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Yun Shishi was touched and comforted when her son served the herbal tea.

"What a good boy Youyou is!"

After drinking the herbal tea, she went to sleep early.

Her heart was full of tumult – fear, worry, shock – but she had no one to seek solace.

She used to wish for someone to look after and take care of her in this life – someone who could protect her from fear and pain and whom she could hold on for support.

She had waited for that kind of person to appear in her twenty-four years of life, but he had never once materialized.

Youyou covered her with a blanket, gave her forehead a peck, and switched the light off.

Her powerlessness made his heart ache with care.

"Mommy, don't be scared.

Just remember that no matter what happens, Youyou will always be by your side and be your support, alright Don't think too much about anything."

She was startled by his comforting words and tears welled up in her eyes.

"Youyou, you'll always be by my side and won't leave me, right"

"Of course." Youyou leaned on the bed with a smile on his face.

"Mommy, don't think too much.

I am always here for you."

She nodded her heavy head and closed her eyes.

Youyou closed the bedroom door and walked into the study room, only to see Li Hanlin giving him a bizarre look, as though the latter had seen a ghost.

He was displeased.

"Agent Li, what kind of look are you giving me!"

Li Hanlin cleared his throat and awkwardly looked away.

"Director Yun, you and your mother don't look like mother and son."

Yun Tianyou was bemused.

"What do we look like, then"

Li Hanlin replied with a serious face, "Father and daughter."

"…" Yun Tianyou did not know what to say.

Li Hanlin clapped his palms together and continued with much ardor, "How enviable.

I really wish to have a smart and loving son like you, Director Yun."

Yun Tianyou coughed a little and told him without holding back, "I'm afraid you won't have a chance, Agent Li."

"Why" Li Hanlin sadly asked.

"Genes are important," he succinctly pointed out.

What he meant was that in order to have smart children, the father needed to be smart first.

This was indirectly telling Li Hanlin that he was stupid!

Li Hanlin was dumbstruck.

This imp might appear harmless and innocent, but he could hit a person's weakest spot with words alone.

"Director Yun, have you met… your biological father" he carefully asked.

"No." Youyou gave him a look and then said, "But he is definitely a handsome and outstanding man!"

Li Hanlin marveled, "How do you know when you haven't met him before"

Youyou looked at him as if he were an idiot.

"If he's not that, then how can he have a son like me"


Li Hanlin was speechless.

That hit the nail on the head.

He sighed empathetically.

"It is so unbelievable.

The most mysterious and respectable board member of Lezhi is actually just a six-year-old boy.

If the other board members find out about this, it will send them into disarray."

"That is not going to change the fact." Yun Tianyou sat elegantly behind the study table.

He casually leaned back in his chair, his pretty face looking stern as he said, "I heard that the directors' board is in chaos recently."

"Yes, a few senior directors are unhappy with you," Li Hanlin's face also turned serious as he reported.

Lezhi Holdings had five big shareholders, and they had voting rights, too.

Yun Tianyou raised an eyebrow slightly.

"Oh What did those good-for-nothings say"

"Director Zhang could not understand why, Director Yun, did that at the time." Li Hanlin paused and watched his expression closely.

Lezhi Holdings was the biggest toy manufacturer and supplier in the world.

When it was trying to break into the market in Mainland China, it sponsored a few popular youth TV programs.

That made the company famous overnight, and the sales records had been smooth sailing ever since then.

However, a while ago, Yun Tianyou suddenly instructed the company to invest in a teen film.

His action caused quite the commotion among the board of directors.


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