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Why hasn\'t Mu Lianjue made any move yet to get rid of those two scourges

Right now, she was in a precarious position, where there was none whom she could trust.

Even that man came across as dubious and suspicious, and she could not trust him totally.

Just as she was anxiously deliberating her next move, there was a loud knocking on the door.

The sudden and unexpected noise jolted her out of her reverie.

The servant pushed the door open and was startled to see her looking as pale as a ghost.

Young mistress

Are you trying to scare me to my death bed! she rebuked, looking fierce and cold.

Taken aback by her strong reaction, the servant retracted her shoulders fearfully and dared not utter a word.

She had knocked on the door before she entered to clean the place.

Reckoning that no one was inside, she went in.

Get lost!


The frightened servant dared not to tarry and hurriedly retreated.

Mu Wanrou walked to the window and looked up at the overcast sky.

Finally, she made up her mind.

If that man was not going to take action, she would do what she needed to get rid of that mother-son pair at the soonest possible!

The sky had already turned dark, but Yun Shishi had not been back home yet.

Mu Yazhe had specifically instructed Lin Fengtian not to delay the production\'s end time.

The woman would usually return by 5:30 in the evening, yet she was terribly late today.

The man found it strange and called her phone, which was turned off; the gadget had probably run out of battery.

He waited awhile more when it poured outside the window.

It was almost seven in the evening and she was nowhere to be seen.

Both siblings refused to start dinner without their mother and waited for her at the dining table.

He was starting to feel upset and frustrated, worried that she might have met an accident on the way home.

The influential Mu Group had made many enemies due to conflicting commercial interests and fierce competitions in the business world.

Many of these enemies were people with high power.

This was also why he was unwilling to have her enter the entertainment industry.

Is it possible that she\'s in danger

The man could not sit still at the mere thought.

He stood up, and as he headed to the door, he called Min Yu to issue orders.

He changed clothes and was about to leave when the door was kicked open.

Yun Shishi was seen dashing toward the washroom with a cardboard carton.

She looked happy with her face full of smiles.

The man fumed at the sight.

Where did this woman go to return this late!

He stalked to the washroom and saw her dripping wet and standing at a spot.

She was holding a small cardboard carton with a puppy sitting quietly inside and looking equally drenched.

A puppy!

Why did she bring a puppy home!

The two boys walked over and, seeing the little animal, eagerly crowded around the cardboard carton.

Both loved small animals very much.

This puppy, in particular, hit their soft spot as it eyed them curiously.

The woman was elated to see him approach.

With sparkling eyes, she held up the box in her hand and smiling said, Mu Yazhe, look! It\'s a puppy!

He could not help raising a brow.

I can see that it\'s a puppy.

Where did you get it

Hugging the box to herself, she danced and whirled in circles as she chuckled merrily.

I picked it up by the roadside.

Look; isn\'t it adorable It\'s so cute!

With that said, she brought the box before him.

The two little lads trailed after her.

Especially Little Yichen, the kid did his utmost to stand on tiptoe so he could have a better look at the puppy.

Staring squarely into the puppy\'s doe eyes, the boy\'s heart almost melted.

It\'s so adorable!


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