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In the entertainment industry, so many women were like her.

They flirted with men in hopes of marrying into a rich family.

They would even schemingly get themselves pregnant before marriage just to achieve their goals.

No woman was truly ever clean because of greed.

A woman might look exceptionally chaste and innocent, but if one stripped that façade, they would see that her heart was full of greed.

This woman looked green and inexperience, yet it was probably just a pretense!

The thought of this woman having been touched by other men…

His eyes glinted with iciness.

She could sense his increasing hostility.

Before she could back off, he hugged her waist and pulled her toward him.

"Ahh!" she let loose a gasp just as her lips were roughly sealed by his.

She had nowhere to run.

Bang! She was pinned against the cold, brick wall, her nape bumping into it with force and causing her to feel dizzy.


"No" His deep-set eyes peered at her.

He had tasted her goodness before.

In his peripheral view, her seductive look was more apparent.

She was like a finely detailed painting that moved and tempted him to no end.

He wanted her so much.

This was his body's most honest desire.

He moved to taste her, but she managed to push him away.

"Don't - Don't touch me!"

He was about to speak when the sound of the apartment window being opened from above reached his ears.

A pail of cold water then came raining on him, drenching him.

The icy-cold water seeped through his clothes and tightly embraced his body; it was made more chilling by a passing gust of cold wind.

He stood rooted to the spot.

Yun Shishi sighed in relief.

The torrent of water was aimed with great precision, so she was spared and no droplets fell on her.

She looked nervously at the man whose face had darkened.

He lifted his head and saw a lad leaning on the window ledge on the third floor and watching him.

It was dark, so he could not clearly make out the boy's features, yet his smart looks were apparent under the moonlight.

He had a devilish smile on his lips.

He held his little head and calmly said in his babyish voice, "It is quite unbecoming for a big man like you to bully a woman, you know."

Mu Yazhe's wet eyes were blurry and could only vaguely see the boy, but from his hazy sight, he could tell that the boy looked exactly like Little Yichen.

It was as if both came from the same mold.

"I'm a man like you, and I feel ashamed for you! How can you call yourself a man when you bully a woman like this! Hmph!"

Youyou called out to his mother, "Mommy, please ignore him and come up.

We're not going to play with him."

Youyou's childlike voice gave her great comfort and she hurried upstairs.

Yun Tianyou shot Mu Yazhe an inscrutable look before he shut the window with a bang!

Mu Yazhe's eyebrows slightly twitched as his face muscles tightened.

He only managed to gather his thoughts together when he heard his hand phone vibrating.

Picking up the call, Yun Tianyou's cold and detached yet babyish voice came through.

"Mu Yazhe."

He was perturbed.

Youyou's voice was cold and harsh when he spoke, "Yun Shishi is my mother; Yun Tianyou's mommy.

I'll protect her for the rest of my life.

I won't allow her to be harmed or wronged in any way, and I'll definitely not let you hurt her."

Pausing, his voice deepened.

It no longer sounded childlike as he threatened, "Who do you think you are What makes you think you can bully my mother and bring her sadness If I see you do this again and make her suffer, I won't let you off easily."

His eyes softened momentarily.

With conflicting emotions, he continued, "Mu Yazhe, this is your last chance: family or foe, you choose."

With that, he cut the call.

Actually, he longed for his father's love and attention.

He felt depressed upon recalling that warm fatherly scene he had seen earlier today at Shimao Champagne Lake.

He did not want to have a powerful father.

What he longed for was really a safe and loving home.

Would it not be nice to have a loving home to return to

Although Mu Yazhe was his biological father, he would not allow his mother to suffer – not even from his father.

Even if it meant that… he would never see or acknowledge him in this life!


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