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He raised his face and cried, I don\'t care what happens to me.

If you still hate me, I\'ll do anything you want me to do! I can even pay with my life, but I beg you to spare my family!

Huang Lili was thoroughly embarrassed, and she covered her face in utter exasperation.

Although Yun Shishi seemed composed on the outside, she sympathized with him on the inside.

You don\'t have to kneel before me; I don\'t hate you.

Really! He raised his head, a little in disbelief.

She nodded.

He was not the one in the wrong, and she was also not so petty to drive him such an end over a few words!

She had always believed in leaving some leeway for people.

If this was his punishment; it was already enough.

It should end here!

So you… So you are willing to plead for my family Du Jiayan\'s eyes were misty.

I\'ll give it a try!

Does that mean you forgive me now! With a sincere look, he repeatedly explained, Yun Shishi, I know now that I was wrong previously.

Please forgive me, alright


Quickly get up… she helplessly answered.

Only then did he dare to stand up, his face finally relaxing a little.

Seeing that she had relented, Huang Lili heaved a sigh of relief, too.

The other, alas, declared, Huang Lili, don\'t be mistaken.

I\'m only forgiving him, but I didn\'t say that I\'ll forgive you.

Because some mistakes are unforgivable even in a lifetime!

Her words shocked her.

She wanted to say something, but the other already stood up.

That\'s it.

I\'ll find a way to settle this matter.

You all should go now.

With that, she left the RV and the two with stunned faces.

Jiayan, what did she mean

He wiped his tears away before glancing at her, snorting.

Don\'t you know in your heart what she meant!

The sky had not darkened by the time Yun Shishi reached home.

Pushing open the door to the study room, she found Youyou helping Little Yichen with his homework.

For the past few days, the older brother had been staying over and sticking closely to the younger one.

Even though Youyou had verbally expressed his disdain, he did not seem to hate his brother\'s presence that much anymore.

The house was also livelier with the two little lads around.

At least, it was not as lonely as before.

Little Yichen sat before the desk with his homework spread across in front of him.

He wore a bitter look on his face as he held a pen in his hand.

The younger twin stood at the side with his arms crossed and a look of disdain on his face.

From time to time, he would roll up the newspaper and hit his brother\'s head with it.

Stupid! You don\'t even know how to do such a simple question!

Woo… The older boy blinked aggrievedly, as if he were about to cry.

She sighed.

When Mu Yazhe returned home, he found her gently swinging on the swing in the backyard.

Her gaze was distant.

Sitting amid the moon flower shrubs, she was as beautiful as a goddess in a painting.

He walked over and gave her a hug from the back.

The woman looked up and smiled at him.

You\'re back.


He kissed her on the forehead.

When did you come back

Past 3 PM; filming ended early today.

Oh, yes! She grinned.

Thanks for the RV; I love it!

His lips lifted into a smile, but he did not comment further, only gently pushing her up.

With a soft sound from the ropes, the swing gradually swayed.

Mu Yazhe… she blurted out.


Du Jiayan came looking for me today, she slowly confessed.

He raised a brow slightly.

He went looking for you


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