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Yipee! We\'re home!

Upon reaching the house, Yun Shishi threw her bag aside, kicked off her high heels.

and flung herself on the cushy sofa.

There was nothing goddess-like about her now.

Mu Yazhe closed the door and walked to the sofa.

She burrowed in his arms and encircled her hands around his waist just as he took a seat; burying her face deep in his warm and hearty embrace.

The man gently caressed her fringe with his broad palms.

Next to her profile, his slender fingers slowly twinned a strand of hair and then loosened it lightly.

As he leaned lazily on the couch, his one hand propped the side of his head, whereas his other hand played with her long, raven hair, which accentuated his fair and jade-like skin.

He seemed to derive a lot of fun fingering her hair in this manner.

As for her, she was too tired to bother and simply let him be.

Inside the bedroom, the twins looked at each other in surprise the moment they heard the door open and shut.

Is mommy back

Eh! It must be so.

The two little fellows opened the door and dashed into the living room.

Being the observant one, Little Yichen saw their parents cuddling intimately on the sofa and astutely turned around to carry his brother back with him.

Youyou saw something shake before his eyes, but before he realized it, he was carried back by his older brother.

Just as he was about to speak, his brother covered his mouth with his small fleshy palm, signaling him to keep quiet.


What are you doing

Daddy and mommy are hugging each other! His twin\'s face brightened with excitement.


His face sank; he wanted to go over to the hall again.

His older brother held him back at once, and with him being the stronger one, he was hurled back easily.

He was clearly displeased.

Mu Yichen, what do you think you\'re doing!

You mustn\'t foil daddy\'s good work this time! His brother pouted.

It is rare to see daddy and mommy making progress; you can\'t mess it.

The younger boy was silent.

Youyou… With a doleful countenance, his brother looked him straight in the eyes and blinked several times.

He surrendered in the end.

Alright; I\'ll only watch and not mess around.

These are your words, right

He closed his eyes and drew in a deep, cool breath.

Yup! I said that.

Pinky promise! His brother did not believe him apparently and reached out his last finger to him.

His patience had reached its limit by then.

Mu Yichen…

Pinky promise, please! His brother ignored his frustrated look and hooked his pinky.

Pouting, he could not do anything except to hook his pinky with his brother\'s.

The two little lads then crept on their hands and knees behind the wall as they stole a look to the sofa.


The woman looked up at him, her finger gently poking the man in his chest.


Cocking a brow, he looked at her from his periphery.


Was the class gathering… boring

The man thought for a while before replying, No.

Oh She widened her eyes in disbelief.

And here I thought that you\'d find it boring!

Wasn\'t it fun Those classmates of yours were interesting.

Nestling in his embrace, her two index fingers pointing at each other uneasily as she recalled what Xiao Xue had told her.

It seemed that they had badmouthed her badly while she was away at the washroom!

Although those were fabricated lies, she was unsure if he had taken those to heart.

She did not query him while they were on their way back.

He did not know what was on her mind with her pouty lips and contorted expression; thus, he could not help but pinch her cheek, asking, What are you thinking about

I\'m thinking…

She pondered for a moment and decided to go ahead and ask him on this matter.

Did Huang Lili badmouth me when I was away


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