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She cut herself off mid-speech upon realizing that what she was saying would only hurt her friend again.

Anyway, she said a lot of bad things about you.

So… You guys fought Yun Shishi narrowed her eyes.

Thinking about it carefully, her friend always had a rash personality.

She was driven by justice, so if Huang Lili did talk bad about her in front of the other, Xiao Xue would not take it lying down and would surely stand up for her.

As she looked at the messy appearances of Du Jiayan and Gao Nan, she was thoroughly confused!

Her friend explained what had just happened.

She was dumbstruck upon hearing everything.

Xiao Xue, you are too rash; biting at others like a mad dog, how can you reason with other mad dogs

Her friend was stunned at first, but following that, she laughed elatedly.

What\'s wrong She looked at her, feeling baffled.

Her friend commented, Your man said the same thing earlier.

She then copied his cool expression and said coolly, A man can\'t communicate with a mad dog, after all.

She collapsed to herself again, laughing after she finished saying that.

Yun Shishi laughed along as well.

Those words really did sound like his style.

Just imagining his icy look as he said those malicious words, she also started finding it very hilarious.

They laughed.

At this moment, everyone did not dare to laugh despite wanting to do so.

Sensing that her boyfriend was no simple character, they suddenly felt the large chasm between her and them.

Some girls, who had never agreed with her, could feel jealousy crawling into their bone marrow.

Nonetheless, no one dared to show it on their faces.

Once she had enough laughing, she looked around, and with a face full of suspicion, she asked, Where is he

He is with Sir Wang in a private meeting room. Her friend pointed to a sealed room door.

A small meeting room

Sir Wang Who is that

Now that we\'re talking about it, what a coincidence for us to meet him! Apparently, he is Gao Nan\'s uncle and Wanke Real Estate\'s president.

Her friend paused for a while before asking, Anyway, what\'s the identity of your boyfriend I saw how courteous Gao Nan\'s uncle was in front of him!

I heard uncle address him as \'Master Mu\'. Gao Nan furrowed his brows, asking all of a sudden, Who is your boyfriend exactly

She raised a brow but refused to acknowledge him.

Huang Lili said anxiously, Shishi, we had many misunderstandings before; please don\'t mind them!

After what had happened earlier, she no longer dared to look for trouble with her.

In fact, she schooled her features not to show contempt but a respectful attitude, instead.

I didn\'t know… That your boyfriend has such a status! Didn\'t you say that he\'s just a company employee Why… Why then would Mr.

Wang do a one-eighty change in his attitude the moment he saw him

She was still in a daze, unable to react even now.

Initially, that middle-aged man had a supercilious look when he met her boyfriend.

In front of Mu Yazhe, he acted like a wuss.

These words could never be said up front, though.

Earlier, that old man cautiously invited Mu Yazhe into the meeting room, claiming that he had a business collaboration to discuss with him.

The man did not reject him, letting the latter keep his dignity on his turf.

She spread both hands.

Yes, that\'s right.

He is a company employee.


Huang Lili, not only is your education poor, you don\'t even have common sense, she said matter-of-factly.

A CEO is still an employee in a company.

The other was instantly embarrassed.

Everyone lamented in their hearts, and they secretly ridiculed Huang Lili more than ever.


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