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Everyone was stunned by the unfathomable scene unfolding in front of them.

They stared at one another in consternation.

Not only the cantankerous couple, even Gao Nan, who was standing at the side, was flabbergasted.

Why did his uncle put on such a courteous expression the moment he saw this man

What exactly was this man\'s identity

He was prudent.

Seeing that there was no one else and thinking that his uncle might have mistaken someone, he quickly headed to the front and asked, Uncle, this chap is—

Do not be rude! The latter castigated him at once.

He was observant and could take a hint.

For someone to make his uncle bend, his background was clearly not simple!

Therefore, he behaved himself and kept quiet.

It\'s been a long time, Mr.


Yes, yes! I never thought I\'d meet Master Mu here.

What a coincidence! Wang Chuande nodded repeatedly.

He lost his condescending attitude from before, and a very respectful smile now graced his face.

Please excuse me for not greeting you; I didn\'t recognize you at first! Please forgive me!

No need for such formalities, the man replied succinctly.

I thought I heard someone wanting to chase me out earlier

Who dares! He promptly straightened his back, his eyes solemn and his tone cold.

Since Master Mu is here, you are now my guest of honor! Who is so blind to seek tarnishing Master Mu\'s respectable reputation How dare they shamelessly talk about wanting to chase you out That\'s only causing me to lose face!

Cowed by his harsh glare, Du Jiayan swiftly lowered his head and did not dare to raise it.

He wrung his hands and smiled.

He was clearly feeling guilty beyond belief.

Huang Lili looked at the middle-aged man before shifting it on to her speechless boyfriend.

Indignant, she was ready to speak up but was pulled aside by him with a reproachful look.

He hissed, Stop causing trouble!

… Oh! She bit her lip and hung her head low.

Yun Shishi returned from the washroom.

Entering the chamber, she easily perceived the tension in the air.

At the door stood three to five men in black suits; their expressions were solemn and respectful.

She was startled.

As she entered, she saw a group of waiters cleaning the mess and a group of people sitting in the living room.

Huang Lili and Du Jiayan sat on the couch, fidgeting in their seats.

Xiao Xue and Gao Nan were sitting at the side.

She swept her gaze around but failed to see Mu Yazhe anywhere.

The moment she returned, everyone looked at her with complicated eyes.

In their eyes, she saw a tinge of unfathomable reverence.

What happened

The moment her friend saw her, she quickly approached.

Shishi, what took you so long inside What did you do

I wasn\'t feeling well, so it took me awhile. She paused before continuing.

You know me; I can\'t hold my liquor.

I got a bit dizzy.


What\'s wrong Why is the table overturned like this Did something happen

Hmph! Shishi, it\'s lucky that you\'re not here earlier.

Huang Lili took that chance to say bad things about you in front of your man!

At the mention of her deed, the feeling that she was sitting on a cushion of needles intensified.

Don\'t talk nonsense…

She was just treating Xiao Xue haughtily a few moments ago, but the moment she learned of the relationship between her boyfriend and that big shot, she immediately became more courteous with her.

Was I talking nonsense Did I Hmph! Who\'s the one saying that Shishi was provided for in college and that she\'s a single mom…


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