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Yun Shishi stared at this man whom she did not know.

"Who are you"

Li Hanlin's smile did not falter.

He came closer to her and whispered, "Master Yun is currently waiting in the car for you."

Master Yun… Youyou!

Her facial expression looked panicky and she quickly looked in the direction of the Bentley.

Seeing Youyou leaning on the car window ledge, she broke into a sweet smile and waved her hand at him.

She felt better when she saw that he was fine.


Gu - Mr.

Gu Xingze, thank you! You don't have to give me a lift.

Be safe on your way home."

"Shishi, are you alright" Gu Xingze was rather worried about her as he had no clue of this man's identity.

Gu Xingze's assistant was confused by his show of concern for the girl.

What happened to the heavenly king, Gu Xingze During their many years in the entertainment industry, she had never seen this aloof king show even the slightest interest in any woman.

He was the kind of man who distanced himself from women.

At one point, she even suspected his sexual orientation.

However, the way he spoke to this girl truly differed from how he usually treated women.

Still, it could not be denied that no actresses in the show business could match this girl's delicate features and ethereal presence.

"I'm fine.

Don't worry about me." She smiled and then hurriedly followed Li Hanlin to the parked car.

Gu Xingze watched her walk off and smiled ruefully.

He seemed to have made a little gaffe today.

Perhaps, after seeing so many dirty tricks in this unscrupulous industry, he was emotionally moved by this pure- and innocent-looking girl who was totally uncontaminated by the show business's filth.

He had this irrational desire to protect her innocence.

He sighed softly, got into the nanny van, and drove away.

Inside the Bentley, Yun Shishi was astounded by its lavish interior.

Although she had seen this type of vehicle on TV too many a time, she had never had the privilege to sit inside one before.

"Youyou, why are you…"

Youyou thought for a while and knew that this was not the right time to tell her the truth.

He was afraid that his mother would be unable to accept the shocking truth.

In the past six years, he had always been her obedient, simple, and naïve son.

She would not believe it if he confessed the truth now.

"Mommy, this is Uncle Li.

He is the principal from my kindergarten."

Li Hanlin was smart enough to catch on.

"How are you, Miss Li.

It's a pleasure meeting you!"

He was wearing a smile as he spoke, yet the eyes he used to gaze at her contained inscrutable emotions.

Oh, god, who is this young and beautiful girl She looks so young, as if she were still in high school.

Don't tell me she saved the galaxy in her past life and was awarded this super genius son, Yun Tianyou

How can I have a son like him

If only she could tell me her secret formula, I would really put my all into researching and investigating how I could produce a prodigious son like Yun Tianyou!

He was nearly beating his chest in envy as he stared at the mother-son pair.

If he could have a son who was this understanding and loving…

Yun Shishi smiled when she heard the introduction.

"Principal Li, how are you doing I've been busy working.

Thank you for taking care of my Youyou for the past two years."

Li Hanlin's mouth twitched slightly as he replied, "Oh, no, the honor is mine.

Youyou is smart and always performs well in school."

Principal Can a principal truly afford such a car

Yun Tianyou smiled and tried to change the topic.

"Principal, thank you for sending me and my mommy home today."

"You are welcome." Li Hanlin instructed the chauffeur to drive off.

The Bentley started moving away from the roadside.

Unbeknown to the three, a Bugatti Veyron was closely shadowing them.

In the driver's seat, Mu Yazhe tightened his grip on the steering wheel as he looked ponderously ahead…


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