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Her friend was clearly blinded by love; she could see how much she liked the man.

One thing about her friend was that she was picky in men.

After all, she came from a well-to-do family, so an average man could hardly catch her attention.

When she was in university, she had many boyfriends, but she liked to say that there would be no good outcome to a school relationship, so she did not waste her time on them.

Her impression of Xiao Xue was always a daring and open-hearted lady, yet for the first time, she saw how meek and dependent she was on a man.

There was no hiding her friend\'s overt admiration for the man when she was with him.

From here, she could tell her friend\'s love for him.

She must love him a lot, right

In the off chance that her friend believed her words, would finding the truth about him be too big of a blow to her self-esteem

Moreover, as what Gao Nan had said, she truly had no right to interfere in their relationship, right

Still… she could not bear to see her friend be taken for a ride by a despicable man.

She wanted to raise the topic to her friend a few times but did not know how to begin.

When her friend saw the look on her face, she probed, What happened You look terrible; are you sick

… No. She shook her head.

Her friend was known for being quick-tempered, and her hesitant answer only agitated her more.

Is there someone bullying you Tell me who dares to bully my Shishi

As she looked at her friend, she made up her mind to tell her the truth, but just as she opened her mouth, she saw the man walk toward them, and she was forced to swallow her words again.

Back at his seat at the table, the man looked perfectly at ease as he reached out his hand to hug Xiao Xue shoulders.

It was totally different from the frivolous persona she had witnessed earlier.

You must\'ve waited long!

Why did you take so long to make a call his girlfriend grumbled.

It\'s a business call. The man brushed it off tersely and gave Yun Shishi a penetrating look.

This made her expression uglier.

Right now, she seemed to be sitting on needles.

The couple chatted for a while and then looked at her.

Shishi, you look terrible; what happened

She glanced at the man and then tried to calm herself down.

The aircon may be too cold for me; I\'m feeling a little uncomfortable.

Why didn\'t you say so earlier I\'m feeling rather cold, too.

Her friend then asked the waiter to turn up the heat.

Following which, the lady narrated the interesting stuff she encountered in the office.

After her unhappy encounter with her friend\'s boyfriend earlier, she lost all her enthusiasm.

Toward the end, her friend took his arm and moved to leave, but she said suddenly, Xiao Xue, can you send me home I\'m afraid that I can\'t get a taxi now.

She wanted to have a good chat with her privately.

Xiao Xue was her best friend, and she would not watch idly as her future got destroyed!

I didn\'t drive today.

How about I have Gao Nan send you back, instead

That\'s not nice, I think!

Shishi, why are so polite with me now

How about I ask my assistant to fetch me I have moved.

You can visit my new place. She told her friend.

You\'ve moved to a new place

Eh! Since we hardly meet, be my guest at my place for today.


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