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As if hearing a great joke, he coldly spat, She can pretend in front of me, but I can\'t do the same in front of her

What do you mean

Isn\'t it! He scoffed.

Stop putting on airs to accuse me! What makes you so c*cky Why bother acting noble and virtuous in front of me

She was dumbfounded.

He continued.

Your friend is rather interesting! After dating her for so long, she only ever let me hold her hands and kiss her; she doesn\'t even permit me touch the other places for a bit.

We\'re all adults now, so why bother acting demure That pure \'white lotus\' look; who\'s she acting for! What era is this now, yet she\'s still so conservative and chaste! Does she really think she\'s Du Shiniang Is she so noble that she can\'t even be touched Is she made of gold

His words shocked her immensely.

When she realized the vile words he had used to slander her friend, she boiled in rage.

You should know what society this is now.

Are we still boyfriend and girlfriend if we only ever kiss and hold hands Is she perhaps not treating me as her boyfriend I would\'ve long dumped her if not for her family background!

Pausing, he added.

Truth be told, if we weren\'t well-matched in terms of social status, I\'d never agree to dating her.

Beside her family background and passable looks, what other attractive features does she have

Shameless. She was too furious to comment further.

Shameless He stepped closer and eyed her condescendingly; his tone was deriding.

To me, women only have two roles: One is a well-matched woman for marriage to expand our family\'s power, and two is a woman like you to fulfill my physical needs!

She was offended into raising her hand, but it was tightly caught by him.

He grabbed her jaw and smiled in disdain.

Behave while I\'m still nice to you! I think highly of you when I said that I wanna buy you! You should know that not any woman can climb into my bed; I must be interested in a woman first! I like women who know how to appreciate kindness.

She paled then laughed in anger, carefully articulating, Gao Nan, you\'re not fit for my attention.


To be honest, what\'s the difference between men like you and worms in a gutter Pausing, she slowly spat out.

Dirty, disgusting, and nauseating.

With that, regardless of the livid look on his face, she shook off his hold and left.

He stood rooted to the spot in anger and fell into a daze for a long time.

Back at the table, Xiao Xue was looking at the scenery outside the window.

When Yun Shishi returned, she turned to smile at her, but then she spotted the grimness on her face.

It was weird that she kept silent since her return from the washroom.

Shishi, what\'s the matter

Yun Shishi gave her friend a complicated look.

She opened her mouth but was unable to utter even a syllable.

In fact, she would love to repeat the words Gao Nan had told her.

However, seeing that her friend… clearly loved that man so much, would she believe herDu Shiniang is a popular story in China about a courtesan loving a literato but getting betrayed in the end.


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