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Just what do you know! Managing to have a glimpse of his true colors, she shook off his hand and turned to leave.

The man, however, saw her as prey.

Since he had his eyes on this prey, how could he let her escape

Hence, he put his hand around her waist.

Her face changed instantly.

He forcibly tugged her back and pinned her against the wall.

Leaning close to her, he blocked off her escape route; she was trapped between him and the wall.

You asked what I know! What I know is that women like you always have a price tag for everything! You have a price tag for accompanying a man to a dinner party, for spending a night together, and other such things! Since you\'re such a materialistic woman, you clearly know about this.

Don\'t bother pretending in front of me; I\'ve seen plenty and found it nauseating!

Not only was his mother Chengguang Entertainment\'s creative director, she was also a shareholder in it.

He had often followed his mother to dinner parties since he was young.

Some female celebs acted all dignified, elegant, and ethereal on screen, as if they were so beautiful that they could not be stained, but in private

With just a call, did they not all obediently come to sit in for dinner parties

Be it dinner parties or sleeping together, these were all clearly priced from as little as hundreds of thousands to as big as tens of millions; as long as one had the money, there was no celebrity in showbiz that was off limits.

After seeing so many of such cases and watching those female celebs\' pretentious acts in front of their fans, he inevitably felt disgusted with them.

They led the life of wh*res but still wanted to maintain their good reputation!

I don\'t get what you mean! She flushed in anger and glared at him in frustration.

I gave you face on account of your relationship with Xiao Xue! Don\'t act like a mad dog and bite at people!

Her words infuriated him, yet he still smiled meaningfully!

Did you just call me a mad dog How interesting! Are you a fiery little thing or just playing hard to get Is this your way of attracting investors

This man was truly shameless!

Although he looked dignified on the surface, his very core was nothing but a clothed beast!

Bowing his head, he leaned in to her neck and breathed in her scent.

He then grinned and said frivolously, You smell good! I wonder how you taste in bed!

I\'m warning you: let me go! Finding him absolutely vile, she strongly resisted him.

Alas, with his habit of working out, he was in possession of a strong build, so her resistance did not bother him.

Let\'s be direct with each other! State your price for a night in bed with me; I don\'t like playing pretense; it\'s utterly boring!

Get lost! she warned, feeling repulsed.

How much will it be

As if not hearing her, he ignored the disgust in her eyes.

Five hundred thousand A million Given your beauty, it\'s understandable to quote a ten-million price tag!

His arrogant words, in no way, obscured his insult for her.

She stared at him incredulously.

Unexpectedly, under his neat appearance was such a person!


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