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Youyou shook his head.

I\'m sick of eating that.

Eh You eat it every day

I know how to cook it. He thought to himself, I usually cook Western meals at home; the cuisines served at these Western restaurants are not just inauthentic but also subpar!

Rather than Western meal, he was more passionate about Chinese meal.

Little Yichen licked his lips and declared, I\'m a little hungry, too! In fact, I like to eat pizza.

Pizza tastes awful, he mercilessly lambasted.

I don\'t like pizza.

The older boy fell silent and then gave in to him.

Alright, then.

We\'ll go find something you like to eat!

He smiled gently, his eyes full of love for his brother.

The younger boy\'s heart skipped a beat at the sight.

He thought that his older brother would insist on the restaurant that he wanted! He did not expect the latter to let him choose, instead.

It seemed that his older brother was quite tolerant of him!

He continued to walk forward.

Hand in hand, they meandered along the street.

Even though they did not find a restaurant that Youyou wanted to eat at, Little Yichen enjoyed their aimless wandering!

Suddenly, the little lads passed by a grilled fish restaurant.

The younger boy went up to the entrance and caught a whiff of the mouth-watering aroma inside.

Captivated by the smell, too, the older lad joined him at the door.

Youyou, shall we eat grilled fish

Oh, okay!

The younger one smacked his lips.

He had never eaten grilled fish before, yet its aroma was simply tantalizing!

It should be delicious, right

At the thought of this, he entered the restaurant hand in hand with his brother.

Just as they stepped inside, the hostess standing at the door froze at the sight of them.


How adorable these two little lads are!

Rosy and tender-looking, they\'re just like a pair of cute dumplings!

The little lads were dressed in matching shirts and suspender pants; they looked very much like graceful little gentlemen.

Just… Just the two of them

Where are their parents

The hostess eyed them from behind.

Youyou then said, Hello.

Two pax, please.

Two pax

A flash of surprise showed on the hostess\'s face.

The little guys seemed to be around the age of six or seven and were still so young.

Did they have the money to spend

This restaurant was rather extravagant.

Would the kids have no money to pay for the bill

Hence, she bent down and asked them in a friendly manner, Kids, where are your parents Are there just the two of you, or are you lost

We\'re not lost, auntie.

We\'re here for a meal; please bring us to a table. Little Yichen gave her a dazzling smile as he replied politely.

Seeing the doubt on her face, he added, I brought money with me; we won\'t eat for free!

Even though the hostess was still in doubt, she led them to a table and brought them a menu.

Flipping through the menu, the younger of the two ordered their signature grilled fish and some grilled meat skewers.

They then patiently waited for their dishes to be served.

At that moment, as it was mealtime, the restaurant was packed with people, and it was noisy.

Youyou took out his phone.

Because he was busy taking care of his mommy at the hospital these past few days, he temporarily put aside the company\'s affairs.

When he opened his mailbox, the emails popped out one after another.

Browsing through the emails halfway, his older brother suddenly snatched away the phone.

What are you playing


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