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Warm water from the shower splashed on their bodies.

With a hug, he gave her a deep kiss on the forehead; he was clearly lusting for more.

After showering and washing away the layers of sweat on them, the water in the bathtub gradually rose and soaked them.

They lay comfortably in the bathtub with their bodies submerged in the water.

Like a lazy cat, she comfortably nestled in his embrace and fiddled with his hand.

How pretty.

Each finger was fair and slender; the joints were distinct and so beautiful that she felt inferior!

Just like a finely crafted jade bone, his hands should belong to an outstanding pianist.

In fact, he did learn how to play the piano and even the violin when he was much younger.

She gave an appreciative glance to each of his fingers and then stretched out her arm to press her palm tightly against his.

His fingers were much longer than hers.

In comparison, her hands were small and tender.

He could easily wrap her two hands with one of his.

She smiled as she interlocked their fingers.

Holding her hand tightly, he gave her a back hug.

How he wished for time to stop at this moment.

At least then, this hug would last forever!

He yearned for her scent and warmth.

Hugging her like this, even the most restless heart would instantly calm down.

Only then did he realize that his feelings for her were way beyond his control.

He had always been a control freak.

Regardless of the matter, he always wanted to be in control of the situation.

He disliked the feeling of being controlled.

Hence, regardless of big or small matters, he wanted to be the dictator!

However, he seemed to always be behaving inappropriately before her.

It turned out that, with regard to her, he had long been reduced to such a state.

He clearly recalled the day when Yun Tianyou righteously asked, \'Are you fond of my mommy\'

It seemed that he could give a satisfactory answer to that question now.


Not fondness but love.

Fondness was fleeting, but love was eternal.

He initially did not get what fondness or love was.

Neither did he understand the meaning of marriage.

Hence, he was at a loss before.

Now, he found the answers in her!

She had, undoubtedly, become his soft spot.

His reverse scale!

After all, given his status, he should not be overly obsessed with anything or anyone!

He could easily be threatened by the enemy.

It was lonely to be at the top with his current position.

Any baggage would indubitably become a burden to him!

Still, he was willing to bear the burden for her!


Not clearly hearing what he said at first, she curiously asked, What did you say earlier

It\'s nothing!

His lips lifted slightly as he pinched her chin, kissing the corner of her lips.

Raising her head, she responded to the kiss; he precisely captured her delicate tongue the moment she stuck it out.

Lightly biting the tip of her tongue, which was as tender as a fine delicacy, his hands started to roam about her body.

It was clear that he wanted to continue their lovemaking session!

He wanted to savor deeply her goodness again!


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