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The flashing lights drowned them immediately.

A reporter from a famous entertainment newspaper squeezed his way to them and took photos with his DSLR.

Mu Yazhe turned his face over dangerously.

Frowning, he punched the camera lens, smashing it into pieces.

He then raised his head expressionlessly and, with a cold aura, snapped, Shut up!

The atmosphere turned quiet for a moment.

It was a bizarre stillness.

The crowd stood rooted in place as if time had frozen.

He boomed, Get out of the way!

The crowd looked at one another.

Cowed, no one else dared to go forward and meekly stepped aside to make way.

Yun Shishi was then rushed to the hospital.

From preliminary diagnosis, there were no external injuries.

It was just because she had cold air blowing at her, coupled with her not managing to change out of her drenched clothes in time, so the cold seeped into her body and led to her acquiring a high fever of 40 degrees.

If they had been a bit later, she would have been at risk of contracting pneumonia.

Once she was admitted to the hospital, Mu Yazhe left her under Youyou and Mu Xi\'s care and departed fast.

Those reporters crowding the hotel entrance were also taken back to the police station for questioning under charges of obstruction of public safety.

After what had happened, the man would naturally not let them off lightly.

This rabble of reporters was all dismissed and blacklisted from the industry; they could never again engage in it in this lifetime.

He also ordered people to wipe clean all the photos taken at the scene.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that these unscrupulous reporters were from some third-rate media.

These reporters revealed that they got a tipoff about the incident from the hotel staff and rushed to the scene to ambush the involved parties.

Quickly after, the police managed to pry from their mouths the identity of this staff who had leaked the incident; it was actually that front-desk clerk.

The police then brought in the receptionist for a round of questioning.

Even though Mu Yazhe timely suppressed the news, the news of Yun Shishi getting between a high-profile marriage spread across the internet.

Gossips were spread on Weibo by spammers.

[Newbie actress\'s, Yun Shishi\'s, mysterious backer, unmasked; turns out to be Disheng\'s CEO!]

[Shocking exposé! The Mu group\'s crown prince rampaged over a newbie actress starring in a high-budget film.

Said newbie revealed to be a third party in a wealthy family\'s marriage!]

[Yan Bingqing\'s ban due to offending the mistress of the Mu Group\'s heir…]

[A newbie actress bore illegitimate children for the Mu Group\'s crown prince!]

Very quickly, this ugly news was all over the internet.

However, because most seemed to be mere rumors, the netizens merely expressed curiosity over this matter.

Many people flocked to Yun Shishi\'s Weibo page, wanting to leave a comment, but Mu Xi had foresight and blocked the comments section on Weibo at lightning speed.

What she did not realize was that her actions only made matters worse as it seemed like a cover-up!

News of a newly debuted actress being a third party in a high-profile marriage spread like wildfire online, causing confusion for a while!

Many netizens felt that, despite this actress being relatively new in the entertainment industry, she was always trending.

It was as if she had the effect of bringing the topic back to herself.

Many also lamented that the filming of \'The Green Apple\' was not smooth-sailing; it had only started shooting recently but so many troubles plagued it.

Some even suspected that this was the production crew\'s way of hyping the movie to garner more attention.


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