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Mu Xi drove all the way to the set.

At this moment, it was dead silent on the site.

The props had been packed and shipped away.

The spacious carpark regained its past deserted look and did not lend any clue.

After searching around the set for a while, Yun Tianyou still did not manage to find anything.

Mu Xi looked blankly at his calm and rational look and could not tell at all that he was merely six or seven.

Were kids so precocious now

The boy backtracked to her.

Raising his face, he asked, Mommy sent me a message before I lost contact with her; it was around 10 PM.

At that time, where did she go

Hotel… Because she got drenched, I told her to take a shower in the assigned hotel room.

Hotel He could not help but doubt this.


She continued to explain.

Our production team booked rooms in the hotel next door.

They are generally used as resting areas for artistes, and Shishi\'s room is on the tenth floor.

Youyou asked, Then, won\'t we know where mommy went if we go to the hotel to check the security footage

His words were a wake-up call.

She smacked her head.

Gee! That\'s right! Why didn\'t I think of that earlier

He secretly gave her a disdainful glare.

It\'s because you are stupid.

Of course, this comment could only be kept inside.

His face did not show his contempt for her IQ as he asked, Then, can you bring me to the hotel

Yes. She squatted, wanting to carry him, but the boy said, I\'ll walk on my own.

Mu Xi: …

She was starting to doubt if this child had non-human genes.

Children were generally afraid of walking in the dark and needed to be carried, no

In contrast, he did not want to be held.

His face showed disdain.

She was practically tickled by this.

The two rushed to the hotel.

Upon stepping in, the boy surveyed his surroundings.

This hotel was dilapidated; how stingy the production team must be.

Mu Xi explained that the production team had to budget their funds, so they did not stay at a high-end hotel.

He remained calm and collected, though he was skeptical in his heart.

He invested a sum of money, no

Several tens of millions, in fact.

Were they eaten up by dogs

After deducting the stars\' remuneration, the production cost for a youth movie was already very low when compared to other commercial films, which required special effects.

Besides, Lezhi Holdings was not the only investor.

There was also Huanyu and some bigwigs, as well as the product placements, yet they still stayed in such a shabby hotel

Was it that… the money he had invested went to dubious places

Mu Xi walked up to the front desk and saw that the receptionist had already fallen asleep.

There was no reaction even after calling several times.

Youyou went over to kick the stool.

The front-desk clerk woke up with a start.

Surveying her surroundings, she saw a handsome little guy in front of her and asked with displeasure, Eh Where did this child come from

Auntie, are you awake now he coldly asked unexpectedly.

Still young at the age of 29, the front-desk clerk was so stunned by his direct way of calling her \'auntie\' that she froze.

Mu Xi was dumbfounded by his simple and rough method of speaking.

This child…

Who did he inherit this trait!

Oh, yeah.

It suddenly dawned on her that she had a question that needed an answer.

If this was indeed Yun Shishi\'s child.

Then, who was his father

The boy\'s face vaguely reminded her of someone.

A blurred face of a man surfaced on her mind, yet she could not remember who he was.

Now was not the time to be looking into this!

She heard the front-desk clerk grumble, Where did this child come from Why does he talk like this


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