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“Brother Yang, my overseas movie offers were all canceled,” she sadly said.

He was startled a little.

“Whats the matter”

“This matter has blown up abroad.

I heard that several international brands have close ties with Huanyu, and those movies I had previously signed on were resources from Huanyu.

Although they are only supporting characters, being able to act in Hollywood films is a big honor as they can strengthen my position further.

Unfortunately, now that this has happened, those contracts have fallen through.”

“Really!” He pondered on this for a while before he slowly said to her.

“Those are Huanyus resources.

Having offended Huanyu, its natural for those contracts to fall through.

I still have some resources and can give you a try.

Theres a movie that is going to be filmed next year; Ill help you to get in touch and make arrangements for you to get in.”

“Really” She was ecstatic, as if seeing a glimmer of hope in her desperate plight.

“When have I lied to you”

He consoled her by patting the back of her hand.

“Things have already developed to this stage, so lets put filming aside for now and prioritize letting your body recover.”

She solemnly nodded.

He contemplated for a moment and then said, “Ill first arrange for you to hide in Hongkong and recuperate there.

We can talk about other matters when youre well.”

“Alright, Brother Yang; Ill listen to you.” With an aggrieved face, she nestled in his embrace, like a little bird relying on its trusted kin.

He stroked her back, which was vibrating from her sobs.

All of a sudden, he curiously asked, “This matter arose because of a newbie, huh!”


“Who is that newbie Seems like quite a big shot!” he asked.

Her face immediately assumed a vicious look as she clenched her teeth.

“That woman is called Yun Shishi; it seems that she has a power backer!”

Yun Shishi

He suddenly remembered who that woman was!

His old face twitched as he dipped his gaze to peer at his broken three fingers.

He then recalled Gu Xingzes cold words:Let me warn you; dont harbor any thoughts about her!

Yun Shishi… that woman!

The woman who had caused him to lose his three fingers!

She must be from a big background!

However, fame was merely temporary for the women in the entertainment industry.

Just see how he would crush her when she fell out of favor!

He was livid, and to Yan Bingqing, he said, “Alright! I got it.

Be reassured that I wont let this woman off and will certainly avenge you!”

She was overjoyed upon hearing this and cried in surprise.

“Brother Yang, you really dote on me; I love you!” She kissed him on the lips.

He tightly clasped her nape, deepening the kiss.

Taking the hint, Mo Yan retreated while shaking his head.

When Yun Shishi returned to the production team, she realized that Yan Bingqing was gone.

She uncertainly thought of how fast Mu Yazhe had kicked that woman out of the production team.

Mu Xi rushed to the production team.

The moment she spotted her charge, she came up to her and scrutinized her face with sparkling eyes.

Confused by her assistants behavior, she asked, “Why do you keep staring at me”

“Thats great! The injury on your face has healed!”

She hugged her tightly.

“Shishi, its great that youre fine now! After what happened that day, Qin Zhou berated me and said that you suffered from subconjunctival hemorrhage and perforated eardrum; that almost scared me to death! Woo… woo… woo…”


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