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“Why are you all covered in blood Let me tell you this; if you dirty my back seat, you must give me a cleaning fee.”

Mo Yan replied angrily, “Youll receive nothing less, so go to the hospital first! A life is at stake.”


Its really unlucky to be fetching you two in the middle of the night,” the driver muttered unkindly.

He would really chase them out of the car if not for the fact that he would get reported for refusing them service.

He could only blame his luck.

Yan Bingqings manager was livid.

Now that they were down, even a mere driver dared to despise them!

When the cab arrived at the hospital, he threw a 100 yuan note at the driver before hurriedly bringing her to the emergency room.

She had already passed out by then.

The doctor also recognized her.

He did a simple examination for her and said with a cold face, “The patient had a miscarriage; the child cant be saved, and she needs to do a dilation and curettage (D&C) 1 surgery.

Are you her next of kin”


“The surgery requires a family members signature.”

“Her family isnt in the capital; how to sign Ill do it.”

He signed the form.

Before she entered the emergency room, she briefly woke up.

After learning from him that she was indeed pregnant, but the child could not be saved, and she needed to undergo a surgery, she immediately tightly tugged on his shirt.

Startled, he demanded, “My great aunt! What now”

“Give Yang Shoucheng a call.

Tell him that Im pregnant with his child,” said Yan Bingqing.

Mo Yan was surprised.

After thinking it through, he got her intention and quickly phoned the man.

Yang Shoucheng was in the middle of a business discussion in a private clubhouse when he received Mo Yans call.

He was shocked to learn of Yan Bingqings pregnancy and her accidental miscarriage.

When he learned that her child was his, the old man was even more surprised, and he rushed to the hospital.

When he was in his prime, he was a promiscuous person and fooled around with many female celebs.

Yan Bingqing was one of his many lovers.

Out of all, he was deeply affectionate to her and nearly spoiled her rotten, pouring all his resources on her.

It was entirely his support that she could rise to becoming a Huanyus top actress.

She was nothing if she left him.

The reason he liked her so much was her looks that entirely catered to his taste.

In the entertainment industry, few could compete with her beauty.

Not long after her debut, he provided for her.

He developed feelings for her in the end; hence, he did not hesitate to pour a lot of resources on her and support her to fame.

Learning that she was pregnant with his child, he was of course overjoyed.

He did not have any son in his life and only had two daughters.

After his wife passed away, he did not remarry.

When he heard that she had accidentally miscarried, he almost lost his sanity on his way to the hospital.

He arrived just after Yan Bingqing completed her D&C surgery and got pushed into a ward.

He learned from the doctor that she was pregnant with a boy, but the child could unfortunately not be saved.

Yang Shoucheng was even more saddened.

When Yan Bingqing woke up, she saw him keeping guard by her sickbed.

Upon seeing her wake up, he nervously asked, “Bingqing, are you feeling better”

“Brother Yang… sorry! I failed to keep our child…”

She suddenly wept.

A knife twisted in his heart.

“Youve just had a surgery; dont be so emotional and stop crying anymore!”

Dilation and curettage (D&C) refers to the dilation – widening/opening – of the cervix and surgical removal of part of the lining of the uterus and/or contents of the uterus by curettage – scraping and scooping.

It is a therapeutic gynecological procedure, as well as the most often used method of first trimester miscarriage or abortion.


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