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“Im just a passerby in your lives.

Many times, the kind of comfort that mommy needs can only come from you and not me! Since she likes you, Ill accept you, but that doesnt mean that I acknowledge you in my life!”

Mu Yazhe was startled.

The little boy continued.

“Mommy has been spoiled rotten by me all this time.

I cant bear to let her suffer any pain or sadness, so dont you bully or betray my mommy! Youd better not let me find out that you grieve her in any way! She may forgive you but not me!”

The man was taken aback by this outburst.

Nonetheless, he found his son rather endearing to say such things.

‘Dont you betray my mommy!

His beautiful eyes sparkled with threat as he said that.

Honestly, it was an understatement to describe him as a diehard mommy protector; this son of his was a crazy mommy avenger through and through.

The little boy added.

“Since you are dead-set on her, you must be with her forever.

Dont you ever let her down.

Shes not as strong as she looks.

Her heart is fragile and easily broken.

If you dare to mess with her, dont blame me for turning against you.”

There was no room for doubts in his words.

If this father of his dared to mess with his mother, he would turn Disheng Financial Group upside down in the next instant.

His son would only reveal his tender and loving side to her; to others, he was only ever cold and heartless.

The man suddenly reached out and gently caressed the boys face.

Dipping his head, he planted a loving kiss indulgently between his brows.

Youyou widened his eyes in shock and stared in disbelief at his father.

In the next second, a shy blush appeared on his cheeks.

The boys lips curled into a smile before his expression turned severe thereafter.

He twisted his head away awkwardly, reached out his hand, and rubbed disdainfully at the spot where his father had kissed.

Despite his look of disgust, his heart was pounding wildly.

Looking up shyly and nervously, the boy flashed his father a glare with sipped lips.

His eyes, alas, could not hide his yearning.

What a proud kid.

Why does my baby have to be so difficult

Still, I must admit that hes rather cute this way.

He tousled his sons hair and said in a low tone, “Thank you.”

He was thanking this smart and obedient little fellow for looking after her so thoroughly on his behalf in the last seven years.

“Why are you thanking me”

“Thank you for protecting your mommy all along.”

“Thats my duty.

You need not thank me.”

After saying that, the little lad snorted.

“Oh, yeah.

What do you want to eat Ill cook it for you.”

“Are you willing to cook for me”

“…” Youyous face reddened for a split second before he retorted aloofly, “Why Cant I cook for you”

“I like whatever you cook,” the man replied matter-of-factly.

He was a fussy eater, actually, but provided that his son was the cook, he would willingly eat anything.

The little boy pursed his lips as he mulled for a while, eventually declaring, “Well, then, Ill prepare sweet and sour pork for you.”


His father turned around to catch Yun Shishi and Little Yichen hiding at the doorway.

The two were evidently eavesdropping on them.

The father-son pair inside the kitchen twitched their lips at this.

This was when the woman petulantly fussed, “Youyou, how can you give your father special privileges behind our backs!”

Her son rushed to reply, a little sheepish.

“Its not true, mommy! I didnt give him any special privileges…”

“Wow! Daddy has special attention; can we all have special privileges, then…” Little Yichen could not hide the envy in his voice.

His brothers eyes sparkled, and he protested wryly, “Mommy, thats not true! Youyou didnt give special attention to daddy!”


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