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Sitting beside him was none other than Li Hanlin, the board agent for Lezhi Holdings.

Li Hanlin was a smart-looking man with distinctive features.

He did not look too good today, however.

This was the case because of the presence of a six- to seven-year-old child next to him.

This boy might be small, but he was incredibly mature for his age.

His gaze became weirder when it landed on Youyou.

Never in his wildest imagination did he think that the most enigmatic shareholder in Lezhi Holdings' board of directors would turn out to be a mere child.

He initially refused to believe this fact.

How could it be When he was six or seven years old, he was playing with mud.

What's wrong with children nowadays Is it a result of genetic mutation

This little kid, who seemed to have been weaned off his mother's milk only a couple of years back, was already making millions!

Lezhi Holdings, which was previously based somewhere in Europe, was on the brink of bankruptcy when it was bought out by Hurricane Group a year ago.

In a short span of time, it rose to become a dream toy factory of international standards.

Any toys released by Lezhi Holdings would become a worldwide craze.

Having a toy from Lezhi Holdings would make any child proud.

No one would have thought that those one-of-a-kind toys originated from the blueprint of a six- to seven-year-old boy.

In any case, who would even think that the biggest shareholder of Lezhi Holdings was a little kid who had yet to complete his kindergarten education

It was too fantastical that it was hard to believe!

However, it was the truth.

This shareholder was always mysterious and elusive; no one had seen him before.

He only knew that after Lezhi Holdings was bought out by Hurricane Group, this shareholder was given the ultimate authority in the company with his sixty-percent shares.

He was also the chief designer of the program currently being developed by Lezhi Holdings.

It was only about two hours ago that he was told to meet this mysterious shareholder.

He rushed over, only to see a little kid not taller than his waist.

When Yun Tianyou revealed his identity to him, Li Hanlin let out a screech in disbelief.

Only when the little kid took out an audio converter did he believe him.

If his true identity were made public, the board would go crazy!

Li Hanlin was still somewhat dazed and confused.

Youyou took a straw and happily sipped the cola.

He wound down the window pane and caught a glimpse of a familiar figure in the afterglow.

The figure looked more than just familiar.

It was better to say that he and that figure looked exactly alike.

At the end of his gaze was a boy about his age.

A woman was leading him toward a Lincoln car by the hand.

The little boy was dressed in a suit.

With exquisite features that exactly matched his, the boy's only difference with him was his aloofness.

Yun Tianyou sat in a trance as he started wide-eyed and with knitted brows at the boy.

Why did this boy look exactly like him

The Lincoln car slowly drove off.

Yun Tianyou immediately said, "Keep up with that Lincoln in front."

"Direct - Director Yun," Li Hanlin quickly corrected his words and asked carefully, "What's the matter"

"Follow it!" Yun Tianyou resolutely ordered.


The Bentley rapidly started and, with a throttle, kept up with the Lincoln.

It followed closely behind.

Yun Tianyou, who was sitting in the back seat with a pensive look, asked purposefully, "Have found anything about the person I told you to investigate a few days ago"


The information is all here." Li Hanlin respectfully handed over a thick file containing the results of the investigation.

Yun Tianyou reached out his hand for it.

His face was expressionless as he flipped the pages.

He looked more and more serious as he read on.

The Lincoln car drove into the district housing rich people in the capital, Shimao Champagne Lake.

The area had some of the most expensive villas in the capital.

Whoever lived here was someone with a high status and net worth.

The villas here were rumored to be around 500,000 yuan a foot1.

It was revoltingly expensive.

The Lincoln car drove through, unimpeded by anyone, while the Bentley was stopped at the gate.

Shimao Champagne Lake had a tight security, so no suspicious character could slip in.

The security stopped the car and Li Hanlin wound down the window pane.

As he was about to speak, the guard sitting by the gate saw Yun Tianyou and expressed his awe and respect.

"Young Master Mu is back!"

The guard, who could not recognize the car plate, mistook Yun Tianyou for the young master of the Mu family and dared not delay.

Who would dare to stop the car with Young Master Mu inside

There were too many suspicions inside Yun Tianyou, but he was composed when he greeted the guard, "Uncle, how are you doing"

The security guard was taken by pleasant surprise and immediately replied, "Young master, I'm doing fine.

I hope you are, too! Please enter, young master!"


The original text is 'ping', which is equivalent to 'foot' in the ancient metering system.


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