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His eyes never once left the window.

He was motionless, as if in meditation.

The vicissitudes in life were etched clearly on his face, just like withered and decadent branches.

His gaze was akin to the ashes of a long dead fire; they no longer had any expression.

Mu Sheng was, generally speaking, really old.

He seemed as if he would be dead in the next moment.

Mu Wanrou guessed that, given his current situation, he merely had a few more years to live before his candle of life got extinguished.

The illness on a human body could be cured with good medicine.

His heart illness, meanwhile, was incurable.

She pursed her lips; her hands shook as they lifted the bowl.

Taking a deep breath, she walked to the front of him.

Sodium nitrite – a slow acting poison.

Mu Lianjue ordered her to add 0.1 grams of dosage into this old mans medicine daily.

It would not be fatal instantly, but taking it continuously, he would die in a month.

He could not cast his plan while this old man was still alive with the power he held.

Hence, her first task was to poison him.

This old man who had treated her as his own and loved her carefully – this person whom she had all along called grandpa.

Internally, a trace of her conscience struggled.

Several times, she wanted to smash this bowl of poisoned medicine on the ground.

She was not unemotional about this old man.

If he had not brought her to the Mu family and given her the love of a princess, who knew how she would have lived this life

It was her who had deceived him of the truth; she was clearly not Mu Qingchengs daughter, yet she shamelessly possessed it all.

Be it food or clothing, whatever Mu Yazhe possessed, she possessed them all, too.

Furthermore, the love that she received from him was greater than Mu Yazhe; it was much more.

There was no doubt that only this old man trusted and loved her unconditionally in this world.

Could fifteen years of affection not win over the benefits, after all

Her hands trembled as she weighed the pros and cons inside, unable to make up her mind to the end.

The humans heart was made up of flesh, and she was, after all, not a cold and unfeeling person.

Whenever she thought of his love for her, she would further think of how she was actually about to poison this most beloved kin of hers…

The bowl of medicine in her hands seemed to weigh heavily.

She hesitated.

Placing the bowl back on the table, she took deep breaths.

Alas, no matter what, she could not calm the thunderous heartbeats in her thoracic cavity.

Mu Lianjues cold and mellow voice seemed to echo threateningly in her head.

‘Mu Sheng, that old fart, if hes not dead, how can I carry out my big plan

‘If hes not dead, your position will not be guaranteed, too.

You may care about his affection for you and dont dare to lay hands, but sooner or later, when your identity is exposed, what will he think The adopted daughter whom he has worked so hard in raising and loving is actually a fake.

Guess, in his rage, what would happen

‘Hell definitely kill you!

Mu Wanrou was frightened.

Her eyes widened, and because of her volatile emotions, her body could not help but convulse.

If Mu Sheng were to learn of her identity, that she was not Mu Qingchengs biological daughter, and that she had been pulling the wool over his eyes for a decade and a half, in his rage, would he really… kill her

No way!

She did not want to die!

‘Dont think that Mu Sheng is old already.

During his prime, he was a ruthless politician in the business arena and was embroiled in many bloodbaths.

Mu Lianjues voice, which left fear in her, still echoed in her ears even now.

She bit her lower lip and, as if having made up her mind, slowly lifted the bowl of medicine.


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