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Be it eyebrows, nose, or mouth, Mu Wanrou, the one standing before him, bore no resemblance to the Qingcheng in his memories.

“Grandpa, what are you looking at” She touched her face, wondering if there was anything strange on it.

Mu Sheng answered truthfully, “Im only looking for the resemblance between you and your mother.”

Her heart skipped a beat from shock for a moment before she forced herself to smile.

“Not alike How can that be When I was a child, people said that my mom and I are alike.”

“Not alike.”

He slowly shut his eyes; her voice and appearance clearly emerged in his mind.

Be it features or voice, even after twelve years, it still left a deep impression on him.

That woman was the most indelible joy in his memory but also the most indelible pain.

Her death had dealt him a big blow, and he was devastated by this.

He was sick in bed for a long time, unable to overcome the pain from losing his beloved daughter.

The smile on Mu Wanrous face stiffened slightly.

“Grandpa, do you still remember moms appearance”

“Of course, I do.

Im unable to forget her voice and appearance.”

He sighed.

Outside, a servant gently knocked on the door.

“Master, the medicine is ready.”

She immediately raised her voice.

“Come in!”

The servant entered the study with the medicine.

Alas, he shooed the servant out.

“Take that away; it smells horrible.”

The servant smiled and respectfully said at once, “Master, this medicine cant be stopped.

Do drink it…”

“I told you to bring it away; do you not hear me!” He violently banged the table and burst into anger, his voice so loud that the entire study room shook.

The servant was so frightened his knees nearly buckled to the ground.

Mu Wanrou said, “Alright.

Go off, then.”

“Young mistress, that medicine…”


Ill persuade grandpa to drink it.

You should go off first, lest he get angry.” She waved him away.

The servant retreated respectfully and shut the door.

Turning around, the old man looked out the window, but his eyes gradually blanked.

“Wanrou, take away that medicine; Im not drinking it.”

“Grandpa, youre throwing a tantrum again.

This medicine smells bitter, but good medicine tastes bitter.

Drinking it will surely be beneficial to your body.” She went to his side and gently patted the back of his hand to coax him patiently.

He stubbornly replied, “What are the benefits Ive been drinking this medicine for years, and my body is still in this condition.

It cant be cured; just let it be.”

She helplessly laughed and coaxed him still.

“How can you say so, grandpa Drinking this medicine will surely be beneficial to your body.

Ill feed you, alright”

He looked out the window silently but did not refuse her, too.

This was when she stood up and walked behind him.

While he was still looking out the window, she secretly took out a small bag of kraft paper from her pocket.

Very carefully, she ripped a small hole in the paper and lightly sprinkled the white powder in it to the bowl of prescription.

She then stirred evenly the colorless and tasteless substance with a spoon.

Mu Lianjues words echoed in her ears.

‘That old mans body is getting worse; hell have a few more years to live at most.

Unfortunately, that old thing, whether dead or alive, still holds the power in his hand.

With him around, the Mu family isnt united; only by getting rid of him can I carry out my big plan.

She gently stirred the medicine with a spoon as her deep gaze fell on the old man.


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