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Even Yan Bingqing suffered from Huanyus crackdown and ban from offending her.

She was Huanyus top actress, so her status was remarkable, yet banning her was just a matter of words.

How scary was Yun Shishis background exactly to be capable of such a move

For a moment, all those who had offended her were terrified.

Still, at the same time, they found it to be inconceivable.

While they were stewing in their regrets, they also became deeply aware that her character was so much better than the banned actress.

Not mentioning others, in the past, whoever offended her, according to Yan Bingqings character, she would bear grudges and take revenge over small matters; the person would definitely be straightened out.

Right now, with Yun Shishi, they were all safe and sound.

She did not find trouble with them at all.

The entire production team, once more, acknowledged and changed their view of her.

This was true for Yang Mi.

She initially thought that Yun Shishi had some place in Mu Yazhes heart and, using this point, attempted to make use of her to mess with Yan Bingqing so that she would not be so arrogant anymore at the very least.

Unexpectedly, now, the actress was completely banned.

With Huanyus suppression, for a while, she could forget about climbing out from the pit hole.

Anyway, she was completely finished.

It seemed that Yun Shishi was quite important in that mans heart.

Yang Mi made up her mind there and then; in the future, no matter who she offended, she must never offend her.

On the contrary, she had to maintain a good relationship with her.

The Mu family.

It was already evening when Mu Wanrou returned to the Mu residence.

A servant immediately stepped forward and took the coat from her hand.

She asked, “Wheres grandpa”

“Young mistress, master is in the study now.”

“Has he taken his medicine”

“Its not time yet; the medicine is still cooking.”


I shall go to the study to see grandpa first.”

She proceeded to walk to the study room with that.

Within the study room, Mu Sheng was holding a photo, deeply entranced in it.

In it, a brightly smiling Mu Qingcheng was standing in the garden.

It was simply moving.

His gaze was deep as his withered fingers slowly caressed the photo.

There were deep longing and mourning in his eyes.

“Qingcheng, youre really so ruthless; how can you bear to leave me alone” he lamented, his eyes mourning.

Suddenly, there was a rap on the door.

He, however, was still immersed in his sorrow and did not regain his senses for a long while.

Mu Wanrou pushed open the door and stepped in.

She saw him sitting in front of the window with his back facing her; he was entranced by the photograph clutched in his hand.

She went over and gently placed her hand on his shoulder.

Startled, the old man turned his head abruptly.

His heart settled down when he saw that it was her.

“Wanrou, youre back.”

“Yes, grandpa.” She went up to him and squatted.

She looked at the photo in his hand with a little astonishment.

She then smiled.

“Grandpa is looking at moms photo again.”

“Yes! Miss her.”

The two short wordsmiss her, however, contained an endless longing.

“Mom was so beautiful and so youthful!” She looked at the photo, her face showing a hint of sadness.

“In my memories, mom has always been so beautiful and doesnt look like a mortal but a beautiful fairy, instead.”


I still remember the first time I met your mother; I was captivated by her beauty for a moment.” He sighed.

He looked at her face again thereafter.

Alas, in his eyes, there was a touch of disappointment.

The mother and daughter were not alike.

There was no resemblance at all.

This was what made him the most confused about.

Logically, even if they were not mother and daughter, there should be at least a resemblance.


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