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Moments later, the roasted meat exuded a salivating aroma.

With his skillful techniques, every detail was not missed out.

In terms of the foods flavor, the boy was even strict in putting the seasoning.

The excellent-quality meat, coupled with the special seasoning, exuded an aroma that had a deadly appeal.

Mu Yazhe was dumbstruck as he looked at his skillful movements.

Little Yichen was drooling as he spectated from the side.

He thought in contentment that, with such a younger brother, he would not have to worry about starving in the future.

He felt that his younger brother was really a piece of treasure – basically omnipotent.

What a genius!

Just as these three were clamoring around the barbecue grill, they heard Yun Shishis voice come from somewhere not far away.

“Youyou, come here quickly!”

Upon hearing his mothers call, the little boy astutely withdrew his hands and left his station to run toward her.

“Mommy, here I come!”

“Im going, too!” Yichen chased after him.

The man watched the two childrens receding backs and filled the plate with the meat Youyou had grilled.

Yun Shishi, who had changed into a bohemian dress with a sun hat on her head, walked on the beach, barefoot.

In the evening, when the tide had ebbed, it felt especially cool and refreshing with the cold sea breeze.

It was incredibly satisfying to stroll along the beach with the soft fine sands caressing her toes.

In the basket that she was carrying were plentiful of sea crabs, conchs, and some beautiful seashells.

At the ebbing of the sea tide, she became enthusiastic to stroll along the shore and picked up a few seashells.

To her surprise, besides the beautiful seashells, she could also pick up plenty of starfishes.

She could not help but find it novel.

Youyou followed closely behind her, and when he found beautiful seashells buried in the sand, he would bend down to pick them up.

Little Yichen, meanwhile, was out of luck.

He did not see even one crab, and the seashells he picked up were broken.

He felt a little dejected for a moment.

“Mommy, I cant find the sea crabs; where did you pick yours from” He chased after her and posed his question.

“Mm, I picked them by the seaside.

Dont go there, though.”

She bowed her head and warned, “When the tide is low, a wave will hit over.

Its very easy to be dragged into the sea.”

“Hmm.” Little Yichen nodded.

“All right!”

Her sharp eyes spotted another crab stranded on the shore.

“Ah! Thats another dish.”

“I shall pick it up!” The boy eagerly volunteered, bending his waist to pick it.

She got a little worried.

“Yichen, be careful; dont hurt your hand.”


“The pincers of these crabs are quite formidable.

Its really painful if you get pinched.

Its better if I do it, instead!”

She recalled going to a restaurant for a meal once, and as she passed by the kitchen, she saw a chefs bloody hand.

His finger was caught between a crabs pincers, and the sea creature nearly broke it off.

The lad, however, was unafraid.

“Mommy, its nothing; dont worry.

This crab is so tiny.

Besides, Ill be very careful!”

With that, he bent forward, carefully pinched both ends of the sea crabs hard shell and lifted it off the sand before he placed it into the basket.

A smug smile appeared on his face.

“Aint I awesome”

“Really awesome.” She smilingly praised him.

Taking in her beautiful and ethereal smile, the boy was quite fascinated.

He did not regain his senses for a while.

When she saw his blank expression, she touched her face in confusion.

She thought of what could be on it.

“Whats wrong” she asked.


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