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“Mu Yichen, I dare you to take a picture again!”

Yun Tianyou firmly covered his genitals with his hands.

Out of shame and indignation, he glared at him.

His threat, alas, did not faze the other lad even a bit, and it, in fact, seemed to be ineffective.

He waved the phone in his hand and triumphantly declared, “I shall take whatever I want, and unlike you, Ill do it openly; what can you do to me What”


Seeing how he dared to flaunt in front of him, the younger boys anger surged.

The older twin, who was unfazed by his anger, continued to infuriate him by bouncing about cheerfully.

“Ah, tinyyou is really small – really mini! Why is it so pocket size”

Mu Yichen covered his chuckle with a hand.

Yun Tianyou snorted in indignation.

A ghost of a smirk appeared on his face as he slowly questioned him back.

“You say that mine is small, but I dont see how big yours is.”

“Mine is definitely bigger than yours.

Since daddys is very big, mine is sure to be big when I grow up.”

With his hands akimbo, he righteously announced that.

Unbeknown to him, he had completely betrayed his father.

At this moment, Mu Yazhe, who was strolling on the beach with Yun Shishi, sneezed gracefully.

“I dont believe it! Your words have no credibility.

Its clearly so small, yet you still pretend to be very big.

Youre clearly out to brag!”

Youyous rosy lips pursed.

He scornfully eyed a certain area of his, feeling utterly provoked.

His small hands were unable to cover his vital part wholly.

Thinking that he might as well not be coy about it, he loosened his hands, placed them on his waist, and coldly glared at his brother.

The taunt in his eyes could not be any more apparent.

Mu Yichens expression changed slightly.

Because of his younger twins merciless sarcasm and doubts, he felt very hurt.

With flushed face, he asserted, “I wasnt lying to you! Mine is bigger than yours; youre clearly jealous of me, so—”

“Can you show it to me, then If you dont show me, how will I know that yours is truly big” The younger lad pointed at him; his smile was frosty as he closed in on him.

Since its true, reveal it for me to see.

Empty words are just lies!

Naïve and simple by nature, the older boy was easily goaded with a few words.

“All right.

I will show you, then! Whos afraid”

He walked to him defiantly.

As he moved to pull down his zipper, Youyou cackled and reached out his claws.

Following his method, the other boy pulled down his pants.


His abrupt actions took the older boy by surprise.

Caught off guard, he stepped back a bit and tripped on his pants.

He fell flat to the ground as a corollary.


Tears threatened to leak from his eyes the moment his butt hit the floor.

Following which, his genitals also got exposed to the air.

His younger twin swept him a disdainful glance at once.

He thought, Its clearly only a bit bigger, so what is there to be smug about

This time, it was the older lads turn to be shy.

His face flushed as he tightly covered his genitals.

He bit his lower lip, innocence and protest evident in his watery eyes.

“You dared strip me of my pants!”

“We are brothers, so we can be open to each other!” The other snorted and returned his sentiment back to him.

He wanted to get up from the ground pronto, but his younger twin swiftly moved to straddle his legs.

Before the poor Yichen could get up, Youyous butt pinned him to the ground.


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