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This child… Could he be…

She was stunned by her guess.

Six years ago, she gave birth to a pair of twins prematurely, but the nurse mistook Youyou for stillborn when she failed to detect his weak breaths.

Thus, the man only took away the other healthy twin, the older brother.

Yun Yecheng then deleted all traces of Youyou with the help of his hospital director friend.

She was fortunate to be able to keep Youyou.

However, as a mother, she could not forget the existence of the other child.

For the past six years, she would think of that child she had never met and mentally sketched his profile in her head.

That child probably resembles Youyou in some ways , she thought.

He would have Youyou's eyes, proud nose, and prolifically beautiful face.

She did not expect that the twins would look exactly alike, though.

She stared dumbly at the little boy before her and tears welled up in her eyes… She did not expect to see this child again in her lifetime!

There seemed to be fetters between the mother and child.

Mu Yichen had MuYazhe's temperament: He disliked receiving an explicit stare from a stranger.

Nonetheless, the sight of this harmless-looking woman tearing up caused his heart to soften.

"You… Who are you" he asked cautiously as he eyed her questioningly.

He sounded just like Youyou.

She could not help but take a step forward.

Mu Yichen backed off guardedly; he subconsciously did not want her to get near him.

The servants quickly stood protectively before him and stopped Yun Shishi from advancing.

"Who are you You are not allowed near our young master."

"I'm…" She opened her mouth to speak but was at a loss for words.

That's right; who am I to him Am I even allowed to acknowledge this child in the first place

Her flesh and blood was standing before her eyes, yet she could not acknowledge him.

It was painful and ironic.

She smiled and remarked, "Don't worry; I'm not a bad woman.

I won't hurt you."

Mu Yichen was instantly won over by her gentle smile.

He had never seen such a benevolent smile.

His father seldom smiled at him.

Although his mommy smiled often, her smile was complex and chilly.

As for this stranger's smile, it was full of motherly love – the first he had experienced in his life.

He was overwhelmed with too many thoughts.

Still… She was a stranger, so he did not want to appear too friendly.

"You keep staring at me.

I don't like that!" he warned her.

He did not sound harsh and distant like always; instead, his tone sounded calm and emotionless.

She smiled, but before she could reply, a woman's voice was heard from behind her.

"Who is standing there"

She was startled into turning around and saw an elegant woman with piercing eyes behind her.

The woman went into alert mode when she saw her face.

"Yun Shishi…"

Mu Wanrou was stupefied.

She did not expect to see her here out of all places.

After more than a decade, that frail-looking girl that resided in her memory had grown into a beautiful and charming lady.

Time did not seem to age her.


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