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She rushed down the stairs to the boys side, and with a glance, she ascertained that Youyou was having a relapse.

“Bring him up to the bed first; lie him flat or help him sit!”

During hyperventilation, one would often be unable to breathe, the heart would be in pain from asphyxiation 1 , and the person would subconsciously curl up.

However, doing so would make it harder to breathe.

The person must be laid flat or sat up in order to relieve the symptoms.

Just as she moved to take the younger boy from his older brother, Uncle Qiao, the butler who was dressed in a tuxedo, stepped forward from the side at once and respectfully said, “Madam, Ill do it.”


She was caught off guard by his form of address, but she was past caring now as she watched the butler carry her child into the bedroom.

She brought over a paper bag and, hugging the boy by his shoulders, passed it to him.

“Youyou, here.


She was so anxious that she could barely speak.

The boy still held a bit of consciousness in him.

Taking the proffered paper bag, he covered his mouth and nose and kept breathing deeply into it.

Breathing deeply…

Mu Yazhe pursed his lips upon seeing that Youyou seemed to be in terrible pain.

He felt a little helpless.

He asked, “Is he having a relapse”

Little Yichen hovered protectively at the bedside over his twin.

Hearing his father probe about his brothers condition, he promptly looked at her with baffled eyes.

“Mommy, whats wrong with little brother”

She calmed down her tense emotions and assured him astutely.

“Its all right.

Little Yichen, you dont have to worry.”

With that, she glanced up at the man.

“Wheres Youyous luggage The bottles of medicine I brought are in it.”

Not waiting for his master to answer, the butler chimed in, “The luggage has been put away; Ill bring it here right away.”

“Oh, thanks, then!”

“Youre welcome, madam.” The butler politely replied, immediately leaving the room to retrieve the luggage.

Despite her comforting words, Little Yichen still felt guilty.

He did not know that his little brother had such a serious ailment.

He also did not know what illness it was.

They were initially playing volleyball.

From the very start, Youyou was unhappy to play with him, but afraid that his return would disrupt their parents time together, he immediately provoked him.

Naturally, his younger brother was unwilling to back down and played with him for a few rounds.

He was much more talented in sports than the former, so his brother could naturally not best him.

As such, he gave way to him.

They competed by points, and he tried to keep their scores even.

Gradually, his brother came to realize that he was giving way to him.

Feeling indignant, Youyous desire to win for real swelled.

The younger boy did not have many mates, so he seldom played with other children.

He had neither peers nor friends around his age.

It was his first time playing a game, but he was smart and got familiar with the rules quickly.

The weather was a little hot and sunny today.

Near the shore, where the sun was unobstructed, it was baking.

It shone directly on their skin.

Even though Little Yichen had previously applied sunblock on him, after a few rounds, Youyou still felt his heartbeat accelerating and his stamina gradually fading.

The gap in their scores increased bit by bit.

Youyou was indignant.

“This is the last round already; whoever wins gets to sleep with mommy tonight!” the older kid suddenly announced.

Displeased, the younger boy shouted his protest.


“Are you scared to lose”

The boy was flustered as he declared, “Regardless of whos the winner, you cant sleep with mommy.

Mommy is mine!”

“Then… mommy sleeps with daddy.”

Wanting to tease him, Little Yichen pondered and then said that.


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