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His artiste also did not expect Huanyus rapid actions; practically overnight, they posted so many articles thatYan Bingqing slapped a newbie actually ranked first for a period.

Their phone calls blew up, and many media outlets strove to get first dibs on her interview.

Not just hers, even her assistants phone had to be switched off as they rang off the hook.

Mo Yan swiftly gathered the entire PR team to the studio to take charge of the situation.

When the actress scrolled through Weibo on her tablet, she was dismayed to find a heated verbal war in full swing on Weibo for two days.

The fighting power of Yun Shishis fan legion was simply astonishing.

They actually grouped to leave the actresss Weibo page a trail of threatening messages for her toretire from showbiz.

She was so angry that her face turned ghastly.

Mo Yan ordered people to make several posts online at once.

Under his management, the actress astutely responded to this matter on Weibo.

Her response was an attempt to clear her name.

She repeatedly stressed that her so-called oppression of newbies was unfounded and fabricated, claiming that there was no such thing.

In the production team, she was on friendly terms with Yun Shishi and there were no such discords at all.

She explained on Weibo that theslapping incident, as exposed by the media, was no slapping incident at all.

Only, her poor condition made it hard for her to get into her character, causing the filming of the scene to be repeated several times.

She even generously praised Yun Shishis professionalism despite being a newbie; although the filming was often disrupted, she did not have any complaints at all.

Outside filming, the two were as close as sisters.

What emotional discords and conflicts They were all utter baloney!

At the end of the article, she tagged Yun Shishis official Weibo page and sent out a flying kiss emoticon.

Finally, with a meaningful tone, she responded.

[To those accusing me of bullying newcomers, can the media produce evidence I got splashed with a basin of dirty water for no good cause.

Despite it being sunny outside, in this moment, I feel so cold in my heart! The wise dont spread rumors! I hope that everyone would view this matter with fair eyes.]

Her pompous response created yet another uproar among the netizens!

After her post on Weibo, it heated up again.

The nameYan Bingqing topped the search rankings in an instant, and she became the most talked about celebrity.

The spammers recruited by her studio also efficiently guided the direction of the forums and used effective methods to clear her name.

Many netizens that were ignorant to the truth instantly flooded the comment sections of the official Weibo pages of several media organizations, demanding for them to produce evidence of the said bullying.

[Since you released news of Yan Bingqing slapping that newbie, Yun Shishi, at least produce convincing evidence to support it! If not videos, surely there are photos of it]

[Surely, this isnt a new way of generating hype for a newcomer, right These days, the nameYun Shishi is everywhere.

She appears to be quite formidable to sign a contract with Huanyu just after her debut, get the female lead role in the famous Director Lins new movie, and get ahead of many first-tier stars! Its obvious that her background isnt simple!]

[Everyone really needs to look at this matter with open eyes.

Shes a first-tier star; is there a need for her to step on a newbie to move ahead Many newbies have worked with her before.

Why has there been no news of her bullying newcomers till now Only bullied Yun Shishi This matter reeks of conspiracy!]


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