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Youyou crossed him arm and sulked as they took a taxi home.

Yun Shishi saw her son's sullen face and gave each of his rosy cheeks a pinch.

"Youyou, what happened Why do you look so sad"

He gave a snort.

"Mommy, they are bullying you.

I dislike them! I dislike grandma!"

She knew that Youyou could not bear to see her suffer.

Although this child appeared gentle and sweet before her, she knew deep down that he was different from other children.

Besides being a smart kid, his tough childhood made him have the maturity not fit for his young age.

He was an obedient and understanding child that was not prone to throwing tantrums.

She caressed his head lovingly.

"I am the happiest person with just Youyou, so don't mind about them."

His little hands reached up and cupped his mother's face.

"Don't be upset anymore, mommy.

If anyone dares to make mommy angry again, I'll punish them!"

She did not take his words seriously.

"What a good boy, Youyou! My love for you isn't in vain."

Youyou looked at her with loving tenderness.

"As long as mommy is happy, I am willing to do anything." His eyes then flashed with vileness.

Mommy, Youyou can really protect you!

Once they reached home, the manager called and instructed her to attend an event at Crowne Hotel.

She hurried over.

The hotel was grand and luxurious.

She was originally intending to take a nap at home, but she was told to get ready as the artiste under her care would be attending a dinner party.

As she was walking on the red carpet toward the ballroom, she caught sight of a familiar shadow.

At the end of the hallway, a five- to six-year-old child was being accompanied by a few servants.

He looked exactly like Youyou!

Her heart was filled with anticipation as she discreetly followed them.

Her footsteps were light as she stepped on the expensive carpet.

Seeming to have sensed something, the smart-looking boy turned around and knocked into Yun Shishi.

She stared dazedly at him and her heart skipped a beat!


His raven crown shone darkly and gently under the retro-light fixture.

He had fair skin, rosy cheeks, high bridge nose, and ruddy red lips.

The elegant contours of his little face hinted to a European ancestry yet he still retained his oriental charm.

He had a pair of expressive eyes framed by long black lashes that curled up like wings.

His eyes were ethereal and charming, sparkling like diamonds.

However, these bright orbs currently held a tint of aloofness.

He might be young, but his imperial temperament was evident.

His sharp and distinct contours were exactly like Youyou's.

The only difference between the two faces was that one appeared detached and lonely and the other was warm and gentle.

This child… Could he be…


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