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Yun Shishi was slightly astounded.

She could not believe that Yan Bingqing would actually agree to her request.

This was rather unbelievable.

It seemed that Mu Yazhe did have a strong influence!

It was strong enough for this boastful queen to give in to her!

Nonetheless, with things already at this stage, how could she still rescind her words

She stepped in front of her and warmed her wrist up.

“Lift your head.

Its hard for me to hit you if it is too low.”

Hiding her humiliation, Yan Bingqing lifted her head.

Before she could look at the others expression, she was slapped across the face.

It was a resounding smack .

Yun Shishi might look gentle and frail, but please keep in mind the perfect score she had gotten during military training.

She still had quite a bit of strength.

The slap across her face had left Yan Bingqings ears ringing; white light flashed across her eyes for a moment.

“Does it hurt” Yun Shishi asked concernedly.

Wanting to keep her pride intact despite the teeth-shattering slap, she replied, “No.”


She delivered another slap across her face.

The slap this time was harsher than the one before.

Losing her balance, the actress fell to the ground.

Her agent watched from the sidelines with flabbergasted eyes.

Mu Yazhe could not help but smile.

His handsome face, once tensed, was now relaxed.

“So weak Get up; Im still not done enjoying this!”

Yun Shishi kicked her slightly and said seriously, “I am a fair person! We still have fourteen slaps left.

Lets see how you will look after Im done hitting you.”

Gritting her teeth, the actress climbed to her feet.

Yun Shishi slapped her again.

Her palm was already stinging with pain.

The starlet only felt aggrieved and humiliated.

She suppressed her emotions, yet a teardrop escaped one of her eyes still.

She was extremely pitiful to look on.

Alas, Yun Shishi only felt repulsion when she looked at her face.

‘Dont do unto others what you dont want done unto you.

It had only been three slaps, yet the actress was already feeling wronged.

She did not even stop to think about the number of times she had slapped Yun Shishi in full view of the public.

Was she crying


She took a step back, unable to take it any longer.

She was unwilling to be subjected to these slaps anymore!

“Enough, Yun Shishi! Stop tormenting me!”

Tears flowed steadily down her face.

At this moment, she felt that she had lost all her dignity and pride!

It was as if she had been stripped bare under the publics eyes.

She was humiliated beyond belief!

“Im not done yet!” Yun Shishi said seriously.

“Ive only slapped you four times; I still have twelve left.”

“When did I hit you so many times!” Yan Bingqing exclaimed in great indignation.

“You did.”

She looked at her determinedly.

“I remember every slap of yours vividly.”

The amount of humiliation and unwillingness she had felt then penetrated her heart again.

She was getting impatient.

“Are you able to continue or not I dont want to make it seem as if I am bullying you.”

Yan Bingqing glared daggers at her.

Having endured four slaps, her mind was a little muddled.

Thus, she replied a little thoughtlessly and impulsively, “Yun Shishi, arent you just relying on the fact that you have Mu Yazhe Thats why you have the guts to flaunt and show off in front of me!”

Following her words was a moment of complete silence.

The other raised a brow and calmly admitted, “Thats right.”

“…” Yan Bingqing was dumbstruck.

“Yes, I am relying on someone elses strength to bully another, but so what” she asked frankly.

At this moment, even Mo Yan was astonished to the point of speechlessness.


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