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He laughed coldly, his voice like hard ice.

“This position is supposed to belong to me.

Im only taking back what is supposed to be mine.”

“Mu Yazhe wont give it up to you.” She pursed her lips.

“Thats even more so since hes the most viable candidate for the position as the Mu familys head.”

With a curl of his lips, he cruelly answered, “Thats why I need to get rid of him.”

“Get rid of him!” Her heart stifled as she yelled, “No!”


“You cant get rid of him!” Her face flushed in agitation.

He mocked, “Why Are you still daydreaming to be the Mu familys young mistress”

Just like a bloody sword, his sarcasm pierced right through her heart.

He continued to ridicule her.

“Or is it that you still love the man”


She bit her lower lip.

Yes, she still loved the man deeply.

Loved and hated.

She believed that her love for this man was more than and never lesser of Yun Shishis.

She had once loved him foolishly and madly!

Alas, the man did not reciprocate it.

“Dont be silly; hell never marry you.” Cold sarcasm seeped into his voice.

She frowned but did not speak a word.

Leaning slightly backward, he said in a low voice, “This nephew of mine, just like his father, values family and friends more than anything.

Once he acknowledges the one he loves, hell never give it up.

His heart has no place for you and only that girl named Yun Shishi.

You can stop having illusions about the position of the Mu familys young mistress! Its nothing more than wistful thinking.”

“… Sooner or later, hell be fond of me! The love I have for him is no lesser than that b*tch!” she howled in rage.

“Fond of you”

He laughed.

“Naïve! Do you think that he doesnt know of your parlor tricks This is where youre stupid! Scheming under his nose, do you really think that that nephew of mine is an idler”

“Still, even if he knows, what can he do to me” she argued.

What of Mu Yazhe knowing what she did

With Mu Sheng as her shield, what could he do to her

Mu Lianjue flatly pointed out.

“Indeed, with that old man standing on your side, youre safe, but think about it, how much longer can that old man live”


She was struck by his words.

What he had said was indeed true!

Her position in the Mu family now was wholly reliant on that old mans protection.

Once he was no longer be around, she would be all alone, with no one to rely on, in that big Mu family.

When he saw her wavering look, he added the last stroke of fire.

“Once he is dead, your time will soon be upon you, too.

My nephew isnt going to let you live.”

Her gaze turned blank as she became terrified.

“Youre lying! He wont kill me!”

He was not him.

His methods would not be so cruel!

He nodded at her words as he dragged his words out.

“Thats true.

Hell just let you lead a life worse than death!”


“Fourth uncle, what do you mean by this”

He scoffed.

“Youre defending him even now, yet you dont wonder who has made you become like this!”

“What do you mean!”

What did those words mean!

This old thing always said his words halfway and left people hanging!

Seeing the perplexity on her face, he slowly revealed in his deep voice, “Do you really think that your pregnancy is an accident”


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