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“Yes, yes, yes…”

She stared straight at him.

The astonishment in her eyes and the terror in her bones could not be concealed.

“Well” Registering her quaking lips and temporary inability to form a coherent statement, he was thoroughly amused.

Did this scare her already

The skills of this girl, when compared to him, was far too shallow.

She peered at his cold face and asked in bafflement.

“Was it done by you”

He expelled the smoke in his mouth and frankly admitted, “I only did the same thing that you did.”

His meaning could not be any clearer.

Back then, the Old Mu had done a maternity test on her, and since it was done in the private hospital controlled by Mu Lianjue, getting his hands on the real report was no hassle.

It was just that his methods were more vicious than hers.

Bribing the doctor performing the DNA testing with a hefty sum, she signed a confidentiality agreement with him and then sent him abroad.

He, on the other hand, manipulated that doctor into falsifying the DNA test result and then had him assassinated without a trace left.

It was a clean job.

Hence, even today, Mu Yazhe was unable to find out about it.

He knew that her DNA test report was forged, yet he was too late to find the witness.

Well, the person was already dead, with his body burned into ashes, so how could he find him

Afterward, a different doctor that was bribed by her traveled across the sea and landed on the USs shores.

He was worried that the doctors mouth was not secure enough, and he knew that with Mu Yazhes methods, the young man would eventually track everything back to him.

His nephews methods were more ruthless than his.

What of her bribing the doctor

That young chap had all sorts of means to make that doctor confess.

Thus, he sent someone after that doctor and had him eliminated as well.

He, then, commanded for the doctors body to be thrown at the sea, sans a trace.

While the living could be forced to make a confession, the dead could surely not open their mouth to talk!

She was deterred by the viciousness in his eyes.

Her breathing suddenly sped up, and she found it hard to calm down.

She knew in her heart that Mu Lianjue was a vicious character.

At the age of nine, when she had first set foot into the Mu residence, this matter was still unknown among the Mu family.

He had her real report in his hands, which meant that, before this, he was already aware of her identity!

At least, it meant that this man was astute and shrewd to a frightening degree.

She felt more fearful toward him.

This man… was too scary.

Feeling the documents in her hands, this meant that she already held all the evidence against her!

This man seemed to have anticipated this; perhaps, for a certain purpose, he wanted to use this to threaten her into serving him!

Just based on these documents!

She took a closer look at the documents in her hands; the doctors signature was authentic; it seemed to be the original files!

Was this man old and muddled, too Such important documents easily landed on her!

In her state of dismay, she came up with an extreme thought…

Since the evidence was in her grasp, if she did not destroy them now, when else would she do so

Would she wait for this man to threaten her!

No way!

She moved to tear the files into pieces at once, crumpled the torn pieces into a ball, and then set everything on fire using the lighter she had gotten from the table.


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