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With a crestfallen face, she sank her weight on to the couch.

She seemed to have lost her spirit as her eyes, full of utter disbelief, stared vacuously ahead of her.

Every word he had spouted was the truth!

If that was the case, where did he get all his information from

She had always been very careful, so when did he find out about her

Unless, someone has betrayed me!

Is it the doctor

Or is it… Aaron!

She frowningly ruminated on this.

Now, everyone close to her was suspicious in her eyes.

“No one has betrayed you!”

Apparently, the man could tell what was on her mind.

“I have a rough idea of your present standing.

Im different from you; I dont fight a losing battle.

Do you think Im also someone who lacks foresight”

“Its impossible—”

“Whats impossible” He laughed.

“Are you implying that its impossible for me to know all this in the first place!”

Speechless at his retort, she could only clench her fists silently.

She was always careful, so how did he find out

“Heh… Youre really too naïve! The Mu family isnt as simple as you think!” he jested.

“Mu Sheng has grown old; he cant see things clearly now.

Its not unusual for him to make mistakes at his age.

Do you really think that youve covered all your tracks”

“I had all the reports… destroyed! Where did this come from!” She glared intensely while she lifted the stack of reports.

“These arent the reports that you ordered to be destroyed,” he simply replied.

She felt alarmed but was unable to fathom what he meant.

“Where did these reports come from, then”

His next reply shocked her thoroughly.

“Dont you know Mu Sheng had two DNA tests done on you!”

“What!” She was flabbergasted.

Glaring at the man in front of her, she demanded, “How could I possibly not know of grandpa doing that!”

With a snigger, he mercilessly mocked her.

“Dont be so cozy in calling him grandpa; dont you forget that you are an imposter – a mere interloper.”

“I…” Feeling dumbfounded, she was at a loss on what to say next.

In any case, regardless of her identity, she wanted to get to the bottom of this.

“Did Mu Sheng really do two DNA testing on me”

He took a drag on his cigar and exhaled the billowing smoke on her anxious face sans a reservation.

“Cough, cough!”

The smoke from the cigar choked her and sent her into a coughing fit.

His words shot forth like a bolt of lightning.

“The first time he had done the test was not long after you had arrived at the Mu household.

At that time, you were running a fever.

He conveniently took some blood samples of yours to do the test on the way to the hospital.”

“How was that possible! Cough…” Struggling to suppress her coughing, she continued to probe with a frown.

“If he had really done that, then he shouldve known that Im an imposter.

I wouldve been thrown away long before! You must be fooling me.”

“Fooling you” He could not stop sniggering.

“You are truly funny.

I thought you have some smarts in you, but boy I was wrong.”

“Tell me, then; If he had done it long before, why had he repeated it again when I was eighteen”

He studied her flustered face, swept his eyes across the crumpled files in her clenched fists, and smilingly replied, “Where do you think the reports in your hands have come from”

She seemed to come about at his cool retort.

Her head jerked abruptly in his direction, her eyes looking at him incredulously!


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