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Lowering his gaze on to her peaceful and gentle face, his lips could not help but arch in contentment.

He liked this feeling.

He truly liked this feeling of deep dependency from the woman in his embrace!

He wanted to become the man she depended on for all her life – the one and only.

Indeed, he cherished her.

He tightened his hold on her, but it was only for a little, as he was afraid that he would accidentally hurt her if it were too tight.

Still, his firm hold spoke volumes of his unwillingness to let her go.

Hugging her like this, he strode to where the intensive care unit was.

The crowd behind the two looked at one another in astonishment.

Was their Master Mu… smiling earlier

Mu Wanrou arrived at the appointment place, China Commune, at one on the dot.

China Commune was located at No.

9 Chang An Street.

Chang An Clubhouse occupied 12 stories of China Building.

Stepping inside, her eyes were greeted by the lavish furnishings and exquisite, retro décor.

It was said that the annual membership fee of China Commune could go as high as tens of millions.

The VIP members of China Commune were no doubt rich and prominent individuals.

Without a multibillion net worth, one would be unqualified to set foot on this place.

Who invited her here What was the persons identity

She pursed her lips in slight trepidation.

Earlier, the attachments in the mail were the actual results of her maternity tests.

If those reports were to reach the Mu familys hands… She did not dare to think what fate would be waiting for her.

Regardless, be it a friend or foe, she still had to meet this person.

For this person to threaten her over the mail meant that there was room for negotiation; it proved that she had value of use to the person.

Her thinking was very meticulous and quickly thought up to this level.

Solely relying on the address stated in the mail, she pushed the door open to a luxurious room.

Feeling slightly stunned, she closed the door at once.

The soundproofing of this private clubhouse was excellent.

This private clubhouses high level of secrecy was also why many big shots would conduct their business dealings here.

She walked in as she surveyed her surroundings.

On the coffee table was a stack of documents; when her eyes landed on them, she frowned slightly.

She was a little curious about what they were!

Taking in a deep breath of cold air, she scanned her surroundings again before she carefully made her way to that stack of documents and proceeded to pick them up.

At a sweep of her eyes, she completely froze, as if struck by lightning!

The contents of these documents were nothing else but her identity.

Bluntly put, this was an extremely detailed investigation report about her background.

From the identity of her biological parents and her contact details to her personal information… Everything was clearly listed in detail.

Still, how did these reports appear here!

Had she not bribed people to destroy them

She clearly remembered having these documents destroyed.

Even her DNA sample no longer existed in the genes bank, so all the pieces of evidence that would expose her identity should have been eliminated already.

The doctor, who had performed the maternity test on her, also went abroad.

How, then, did these reports end up here!

What could be the motive of the person who had arranged to meet her here

Was it… Did that doctor hide a copy


They had signed a confidentiality agreement.

Besides, she had given that person a hefty sum of money; it was enough for him to live in luxury for the rest of his life!

Who could it be, then

She swept her eyes across the information – this information, which was evidence against her, was something she absolutely wanted to destroy!

Who was it!

Just who exactly could it be!

Who on Earth held the door to her destiny!


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