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At the side, the countless mockeries, slurs, and vicious censures of Yan Bingqings supporters pierced her like poisonous daggers.

However, as if she had not heard them, just like an ethereal fairy, her face remained cool, proud, and elegant.

The actress clenched her teeth as she stabbed her with eyes full of vexation.

She stood there all quiet, unmoved by this humiliation.

Yan Bingqing originally thought that these two slaps would make this newbie shamelessly grovel before her for mercy.

If it were others, even if they managed not to beg for mercy, they would still grievously wail for her to be light-handed.

This one did not, though.

She only stood there stock-still, her body as buoyant as a fluttering butterfly.

This made her snort.

What she had was time.

She would see just how long this newbie could persist!


Yun Shishis face was slapped to one side.

There was another buzzing sound.

She even had a suspicion that her eardrum was perforated by this.

The actresss supplementary laughter faintly floated to her ears.

“Director Lin, I wasnt in the right state just then; it didnt match the script!”

Annoyed, Lin Fengtian yelled, “Yan Bingqing, this is the set and not your playground!”

While he was ignorant to the enmity between these two women, just from these few bad takes, even a blind man could tell that Yan Bingqing was doing it on purpose.

Hence, there was a displeased rebuke in his tone.

The actress, however, did not care.

What of this newbie being under his protection

Did she have any capability to terminate her

She was not afraid at all.

The superstar went up to her side and, with hidden anger, said, “Yan Bingqing, youve had enough!”

“Xingze, I dont understand what youre talking about.

What do you mean” She feigned ignorance while she felt all the more disgruntled inside.

“You clearly did it on purpose!”

His voice turned cold as his gaze turned razor-sharp.

“If you continue to do this, trust me, Ill—”

“Ban me” She finished his words for him with bitter eyes.

“Youd treat me like this just for a newbie Xingze, to think that weve been partners for so many years”

“For the sake of my face, stop what youre doing to her!”

“All right.

I really didnt do it on purpose; its really unintentional,” she insisted.

Even though he did not believe her, there was nothing he could do.

He knew that if Yun Shishi bowed down to this vile actress, she would probably suffer less, but he believed that she would never do that with how stubborn she was.


Yun Shishis face twisted to one side again.

Her body was as stiff as a rock and her face as white as a blank sheet of paper.


The actress took a glimpse at her.

“Oh, dear.

Whats the matter with me Why am I so out of it today just from looking at your face Yun Shishi, youre really infuriating!”

The other merely smiled calmly at her, and just like a doll without feelings, she turned her face to look at her with marble clear eyes.

“Sister Bingqing, your foundation is beyond lousy!”

“You… Yun Shishi, youre really stubborn!” the actress viciously threatened.


“Yun Shishi, your earlier look is off, but its okay as it doesnt matter.

Being a newbie, making mistakes sometimes is fine.

Just pay attention to it next time.”

Yun Shishi closed her eyes, seemingly adjusting her mood.

When she opened them again, her gaze was like the infinite sky – light and boundless.


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