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Ding Ning, who was presently painting Yun Shishis lips, froze when she heard this.

“Ding Ning, havent I said to come over here and apply my makeup first Did you hear me or what”

“Ding Ning!” Yan Bingqing turned her head and snapped at her.

The makeup artist quickly tried to plead with her.

“Sister Bingqing, can you wait for a moment Ill complete Shishis makeup right away, and then—”

“Shishi How affectionate!” The actress snorted.

“In your heart, is she more important than me”

The makeup artist shut her mouth at once, her hands starting to tremble.

Mu Xi finally spoke up.

“Shishis makeup is almost done.

Sister Bingqing, can you wait a little while longer”

“You want me to wait for her! How are you qualified to talk to me, you shameless b*tch!” she bellowed.

At this point, the assistant no longer dared to argue with her.

Yun Shishi pursed her lips.

She now understood a little why the other people in this production team were ostracizing her.

It was not that they wanted to shun her; instead, someone was forcing them to do so.

Ding Ning was a topnotch stylist in the industry, but even so, she still did not dare to go against her, just like Yun Shishi had just done.

In this line of work, one dared not to offend people arbitrarily, especially someone like Yan Bingqing who had a ferocious character.

She knew that if she ran over to help the actress with her makeup, Yun Shishi would not mind about this.

She had always been magnanimous and would not be so particular about this kind of thing.

However, she did not wish to do that.

This artiste had always treated her well.

If she did that, she would surely feel disloyal.

As she was hesitating, the other took the lipstick from her hand and faintly said with a reassuring smile, “Go over.

I can do this one on my own.

Youve done most of the job, so the rest shouldnt be a problem.”

Her makeup would be completed after applying the lipstick and contouring the outline of her face.

There was no need to make things difficult for her.


“Go on.

Its nothing; dont worry about it.”

With that, she outlined her lips while looking at the mirror.

The makeup artist gratefully yet guiltily turned to go to the actresss side to apply makeup on the latter.

“Do my makeup nicely! Dont make it like last time.

At least, it must be nicer than Yun Shishis!”

The threat in the actresss words made her break out in a cold sweat.

The actress cast a glance at the newbie again before she added, “If my makeup isnt better than hers, then you can say goodbye to your job here!”

Despite her anger, the makeup artist kept her silence.

She thought, Youre just the supporting character, while Shishi is the protagonist.

How can a minor character steal the limelight from the protagonist

She only dared to think of these words in her head, though.

Yun Shishi continued to view the actress as empty air.

Once her makeup was done, she took her script and left the room to reimpose her acting.

While the makeup artist was styling her hair, the actress took out a copy of the script, too, and flipped through it.

The next scene had her and Yun Shishi acting together.

She skimmed through the script, and her lips suddenly lifted into a sinister smile.

The Mu residence.

Mu Wanrou plopped on the couch in languidly.

With her phone in hand, she expressionlessly scrolled through Weibo.

A servant waited on her from the side.

Peeling the skin of a grape, she delivered the flesh into her mistresss mouth.

Her mistress opened her mouth, sucked on it, and finally crushed it inside her mouth.

For the past few days, she did not step out of the house.

Old Mu had insisted on her focusing on taking care of her stomach.

She did not know the outcome of the matter she had arranged for Aaron to do.

Lowering her head, she reached out to caress her still flat stomach.

She knew in her heart that such a poor lie could not be kept under wraps for much longer.


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