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The person merely shook her head and gave an ambiguous reply.

“Its hard to say.”

Yan Bingqing demanded, “What do you mean by that”

Her aide refused to say anymore, though.

As such, she did not take her words to heart.

No matter how big her background was, could it be bigger than the sky

She had Yang Shoucheng behind her back.

In the afternoon, Yun Shishis part had ended, and she returned to her waiting room, only to find her assistant organizing the makeup tools with red eyes from crying.

Seeing her return, Mu Xi promptly put on a forced smile.

“Shishi, youre back!”

“You… Whats wrong with you”

She was a very sensitive person.

One glance at her assistants face, and she could tell that something was wrong with her.

As she walked closer to look at her face, she found out that her eyes were unbelievably swollen.

She frowned in concern.

“Why did you cry”

“I didnt!”

The assistant hurriedly hid her face from her.

There were a few reasons why she was doing this.

Her artiste treated her very well.

If she knew that she got bullied by Yan Bingqing, she would definitely confront that actress.

She did not want her to offend that actress just for her.

There was no need, was there

Her arm merely suffered a minor burn; it would get better after washing it with cold water.

It was not a big patch, too.

It would be fine after the bubble subsided.

She only wanted to let this matter go.

Seeing her evasive action, Yun Shishi was slightly displeased.

“Xiao Mu, whats wrong with you Why does your expression look strange Tell me; did someone bully you while I was away!”

The assistant hurriedly shook her head.

“No! Dont overthink this!”

“Youre lying! Your eyes are all swollen.

You wouldnt cry for nothing!”

She brushed aside her hair with heartache, but out of the corner of her eyes, she saw that the sleeve for her assistants other arm was tightly pulled down.

It was a hot and sweltering day with the sun at its zenith.

Usually, at this time, both her sleeves would be folded up.

Right now, however, one of Mu Xis arms was well hidden by her shirts sleeve.

She found this to be queer, so she grabbed her arm.

Alas, it happened to be right where the assistant had her burn.

Mu Xi winced from the pain.

She tried to keep it in, but in the end, she had to utter a pain-filled groan.

Her arm recoiled from her touch.

Her artiste was startled.

Quickly holding her arm and lifting the sleeve, she saw a red burn on her flesh.

Shocked, she urgently questioned, “How did this happen”

“Its nothing! I accidentally scalded myself.”

“Who did this to you!” Her voice rose an octave.

The assistant trembled.

Sensing her artistes anger, she helplessly confessed the entire matter.

Yun Shishi was livid.

“How could she go overboard”

“Yan Bingqings temper has always been like this.

If things dont go her way, shell throw a tantrum! Everyone is used to it already.” Mu Xi choked in her grievance.

“Shishi, do you remember the assistant that I mentioned to you last time Shes that actress who poured water on her assistant.

It burned a layer of that poor girls skin, but what of it She has a strong backer, so no one can afford to offend her!”

“Does having a powerful supporter give her the right to be so lawless” She found this to be ridiculous.

“This is too much; its simply too extreme!”

“It doesnt, but no one dares to offend her.

I was already lucky to only be splashed with tea by her.

Shes used to being unruly and acting all high and mighty.”

“Its fine if she bullies me, but she cant bully my people.” She retracted her hand and went out.

The assistant was alarmed by this.

“Shishi, what are you going to do!”

“Let her apologize to you and make amends!” She spat out each word.


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