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“Let me hear you call medaddy for once, then.”

The man looked at him with a playful smirk on his lips.

Something changed in the boys eyes, and a layer of frost swiftly spread across his features.

Did this man just tell him to address him asdaddy

Disdain and despise flowed from his orbs.

“Are you asking me to call you daddy Dream on!”

The little lad haughtily folded his arms as he puckered his lips and raised his head.

Childishness was present between his brows.

This man was simply dreaming!

Letting him call him daddy… His mommy had yet to marry this man, yet he already wanted him to address him differently.

Was this possible

He cocked a brow and exclaimed, “Stubborn child, you really refuse to call medaddy”

“You wish.”

The little lad spat this rejection with total disregard of his feeling, not giving him any allowance to argue.

His sons lips jerked to form a cold smirk; he seemed to be steadfast on not respecting him.

He shook his head helplessly and appeared to be very frustrated.

“Then… I can only report your situation to your mommy.”


What situation

The boy narrowed his eyes in alert.

Sizing up the man, his brows knitted in perplexity.

“What do you mean”

The adult led him into the conversation.

“Little thing, take a guess of what can happen if your mommy learns that youre Lezhi Holdings boss.”

The little lads handsome brows creased.

He thought over it carefully and quickly realized something.

He then gazed at the man coldly from his periphery and snorted questioningly.

“Are you threatening me”

“Mm.” He nodded, admitting it openly.

The corner of the boys eyes violently twitched.

He then mocked the man.

“Mu Yazhe, do you dare act more shameless”

A certain man seriously and boldly bobbed his head.

“Yes, I do.

Do you want to try me”

“… ” The little lad was dumbfounded.

This man was truly shameless!

Even more so than he imagined.

Youyou, however, did not buy his threat and only smirked.

“Mu Yazhe, do you really think that you can use that to threaten me Sooner or later, I will confess my identity to my mommy! Its only a matter of time.

You cant threaten me like this.”

“Oh, really”

Looking at him from the corner of his eye, he dragged the last syllable for a much longer time.

The little lad raised his head upon hearing him speak like that, just in time to catch sight of the fleeting slyness in his eyes.

His heart suddenly quaked.

He actually felt a little guilty after seeing the smile in his orbs!

With a grin tugging at the corner of his eyes, his handsome face slowly inched closer to the little lad.

He broke out into a sinister grin as words left his thin lips at once.

“Take a guess now.

What may happen if your mommy finds out that youre dealing with firearms, hacking, smuggling, and toying with petroleum”

Every word he spouted had the young kids heart palpitating with anxiety and fear.

The lad gawked at the man in disbelief.

That sly yet mischievous smirk on his face felt so unpleasant to his eyes in this very moment.

“…” Youyou was at a complete loss for words.

This man…

How much information does he actually have on me

How does he know!

Youyou cast a skeptical and cautious gaze on him.

He had obviously hidden his identity well.

How exactly did this man know of it

“Do you want to ask me how I know about this” The man seemed capable of reading his mind.

The little lad pressed his lips tightly together yet said nothing.

The man reached out his hand to pinch the youngsters puffy cheeks teasingly.

A profound upward curve grew on his face before he deliberately poked fun of the lad to annoy him.

“Im not telling you.”

“…” The boy gritted his teeth.

This man was too much.


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