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Yun Tianyou drummed his fingers on the table.

He was starting to ponder when he felt a shift in the atmosphere.

On the screen, Li Hanlin abruptly went silent.

He was staring directly behind him.

Shivers went up the little boys spine from seeing his rigid expression.

“Where are you looking at”

“Mommy…” With mouth agape, this word left his agents lips.


The little lad followed his line of sight to his back in doubt, only to see Yun Shishi standing there with a look of suspicion and Mu Yazhe next to her with a look of enigma.


With the two creeping up to him like apparitions, Youyou was so shocked he almost lost his mind.

In that moment, his heart stopped beating!

He sprang up from his leather chair and stood ramrod straight in shock as his hand reflexively reached out to switch off his laptop screen.

His mother wore an odd look as she observed his actions, which were carried outwith a guilty conscience.

As for Mu Yazhe, a calm yet deep smile slowly formed in his eyes.


The boy was trembling in fear under her doubting gaze.


Why did she come back at this time

Had she not said that she would be staying at the set to film and could not make it back home tonight He counted the days; she should only be back the day after tomorrow at the earliest!

Why was she now…

Also, when did the two enter his study room

They appeared behind his back like ghosts and uttered not a word!

Youyou tapped his chest.

He was frightened.

Why did they appear in such a horrifying manner

Creeping to a person without a sound could really frighten them to death!

He did not know when they entered, so he wondered how much of his talk with the agent they had heard.

The boy shifted his sight on to Mu Yazhe again; he was puzzled and astonished.

Why was this man here

“Mommy, why did you come home at this time”

He withdrew his previous kingly aura and morphed himself into an adorable fairy in an instant.

He stretched his hand out to tug at her shirts hemline affectionately.

She scrutinized the play of emotions on his face and, all of a sudden, questioned him with uncertainty.

“Darling, what were you actually doing moments ago”

Feeling slightly nervous, he pretended to be ignorant and replied, “I… I wasnt doing anything.”

He cautiously stole a glance at the man, yet he met with a look in return, which seemed to indicate:I know what youre doing.

He shuddered.

His mommy did not know of things that required a deeper understanding; thus, she could not comprehend his moves just then.

The man was different, though.

Even if he could not figure out what was displayed, he should be able to grasp the meaning of his words.

The little lad was a little worried.

Earlier, the situation was so nerve-racking and intense that he could not spare some energy to keep watch of his surroundings.

Hence, he did not notice when they opened the door and entered the study room.

He did not even catch the sound of their footsteps.


Scrutinizing his guilt-ridden face, she was rather doubtful of her sons claim.

“I just heard you say something along the line ofseeking their death.”

Her son was her lovely, caring, little deity.

How was it possible for him to spout such vicious words

He instantly suffered from a brain crash.

After careful deliberation, he rushed to explain.

“No! Mommy, dont let your thoughts run wild! Youyou is playing a game!”

“What game”

“Red Alert!”

He clarified.

“Its a strategy game.”

“You also said something about the Pentagon…”

“This game is supposed to be played like that.

One wins after conquering the Pentagon.” He cleared it up as he broke into cold sweat.

He kept observing the mans expression.

Mommy might not comprehend, but this man surely could.


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