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It turned out that Mu Wanrou was pathetic after all.

She was deeply in love with this man, whom she took as her beloved, yet what she did not know was that, at the end of the day, she was no more than a pawn in his political game.

She was a pathetic and sorrowful figure but not worthy of pity at all.

She got her just desserts in the end.

While Yun Shishi was astounded by what she had heard, she also wondered to herself what would have been her fate if she had been the one to return to Mu family a decade and a half ago.

If it were not for this incredible twist of fate, would she be the pawn, instead

“Then… Now that shes pregnant, whose child can that be” She carefully probed.

He glanced at her from his periphery and casually remarked, “Thats not mine.”

“Who can that be, then”

“Aaron, my accompanying assistant.

I believe that you… havent seen him before!”

She recounted the past events in her mind and quickly realized that she might have seen that person before.

She remembered that, when she bumped into Mu Wanrou inside that restaurants washroom before, there was also a man present whose behavior toward the latter was ambiguous.

Although that woman tried to distance herself from him, the mans mannerism and his expression when he looked at her gave away their intimate relationship.

How close were they

No one knew.

“I saw that man once; he looks clean cut and respectable.

I think hes thatAaron you are talking about.”

“When was that”

“A few days ago, at a restaurant.”

“You saw them”


“What did she say to you”

Her face sank.

“She told me that she has your flesh and blood.”

He playfully fingered her palm and then looked up to give her a teasing glance.

“So, you got jealous!”

It was not a question but a statement.

Because she was jealous, she blacklisted his number.

“No!” she denied vehemently.

He did not believe that, apparently.

His eyes brimming with a teasing smile, he said, “Little liar, you are obviously jealous.”


“All right; youre not jealous, then.”

He smiled dotingly at her, knowing full well not to wrangle with this little fool, who was as proud as a peacock and duplicitous when it came to love.

He did not expect her to be this proud, but he liked it; in fact, he liked every inch of her.

She stared at his handsome face and broke into a chuckle suddenly; her face could hardly contain her smile.

“What are you laughing about” He frowned quizzically.

“Well, who wouldve thought that our great Master Mu would be cuckolded!” She teased him mercilessly.

His face turned sullen out of the blue, while his eyes flashed darkly and coldly.

“That doesnt count!”


He straightened up all of a sudden, grabbed her two wrists, and pulled her to his chest.

She took a tumble right into his embrace sans a warning.

Lifting her chin to look into her eyes, he emphasized, “My woman is you and not her!”

She let out a gasp as her eyes turned wide.

“So, Im not considered as cuckolded.”

“Im only kidding; must you take it so seriously” She let out a chuckle with her hand covering her lips.

“Mu Yazhe, sometimes, you are just like a kid.”

“No.” He looked down and hugged her close to his chest.

Leaning over, he lowered his head and suckled lightly on her fingertips before he told her in one breathing, “Im your man.”

Her face blushed as she sipped her lips.

“Im your man, so Ill protect you.”

This was his responsibility as her man.

She looked at him; her pearly white teeth gently bit on her lower lip, which left a faint indented line along the pinkish flap.


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