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The two people kept their silence for a good while.

She could not bear this, however.

For a long time, there was doubt in her heart, and she always wanted to verify it with him, but there had been no chance to do so.

She pondered on this for a while and decided that she still wanted to clarify things.

“Mu Yazhe, may I ask you a question”

She voiced out abruptly.


Shoot your question.”

She sat ramrod straight and faced him calmly.

“You probably know by now of my identity.”

He was startled but soon figured out what she meant.

After much deliberation, he decided to confess.

“I found out about your identity seven years ago.”

She was shocked.

It had not occurred to her that he would know of her identity for that long.

“How did you learn of my identity”


He looked up.

“Have you forgotten Seven years ago, before signing that surrogacy contract, you did a blood test.

Your sample report showed that you belong to the MNSU blood group.

That blood type is extremely rare; in fact, its the rarest among all the other blood types.”

She frowned slightly.

Her blood type was indeed extremely rare in this world.

“Still, based on my blood type alone, how could you ascertain that Im the daughter of Mu Qingcheng” she asked.

“You do know that coincidences happen, right What if this is one such coincidence”

He looked at her and blurted out, “The two of you look very much alike!”

They were truly similar.

Their temperament and grace were especially hard to replicate.

Putting her and Mu Qingchengs photos side by side, no one would doubt that they were mother and daughter.

This was based on what he could remember of the image of her mothers younger self.

When her mother departed from the Mu family, he was already five and could accurately retain memories.

Although the other memories of her mother were vague, her beautiful looks left an indelible impression on him.

When he saw her photo seven years ago, he felt a sense of familiarity.

Only upon chancing on a photo of Mu Qingchengs younger self in his grandfathers study that his suspicions were confirmed.

Hence, he secretly ordered the hospital to run a maternity test on Yun Shishis blood sample.

“The DNA database has your mothers DNA result stored in it, and when yours and hers were compared, both DNA matched perfectly.”

This finding completely confirmed his conjecture.

He lowered his gaze on her.

“Ive long known that you are Mu Qingchengs daughter.”

“So, you already knew of it.”

She smiled bitterly, her eyes drooping slightly, and said slowly, “Mu Wanrou stole my jade back then due to a mix-up, assumed my identity, and got acknowledged by the Mu family.

Sadly, Ive only figured it out just recently.”

“From the moment she stepped into the house, I already thought that shes very suspicious.”

She asked in shock, “Why didnt you say a thing, then”

“Is it important” He questioned her back.

Who was Mu Wanrou in his life As such, whether her identity was real or fake did not matter to him.

“Why isnt it important” She laughed bitterly.

“If fate hadnt played such a cruel joke on me back then, I wouldve been your fiancée right from the start.”

They would not have met so late and in such an unsavory manner.

She would have her proper identity as his fiancée and could stand proudly beside him right from their first meeting!


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