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She looped her arms around his neck and tightly locked lips with him.

Cradling her head in his palm, he deepened their kiss.

Soft and deeply.

His lips were very reluctant to part with hers.

She was just thinking that she might suffocate when the kiss ended hastily.

She proceeded to nestle languidly in his embrace just like a contented, little kitten.

Suddenly recalling something, she started to speak.

“Mu Yazhe…”

As these words left her mouth, the mans gaze lightly landed on her face.

She blushed and whispered softly, “Zhe…”

The man smiled satisfactorily.

“Little Yichen… Ive seen his impressive skills; did you give him training”

He admitted, “Yes.

Ive put him in a military boot camp when he was four.

Hes been training ever since then.”

Cheetah Commando Unit.

It was the worlds best special force combat legion.

The rigorous training undergone by its cadets was totally on another level.

The average soldiers could not compare to these special forces vanguards in terms of combat capabilities.

That was the true meaning of being a vanguard.

It was not much to say that one tasted blood at gunpoint.

She was left speechless by this.

“No wonder that childs skill is so sick; youve been training him like that since he was four”

The mans lips twitched slightly.

Did this woman just tell him that Little Yichen was sick

What was Yun Tianyou, then

Little Yichen possessed impressive skills because he had received special guidance and grooming in that field.

He had also put in a lot of effort on the child.

What about Yun Tianyou

That child was the true horror.

He was the true meaning of self-taught.

He was practically a prodigy in the world of entrepreneurship.

He could tell that she had only treated him as a normal seven-year-old child.

Moreover, she had not signed the kid up for any special class.

Nonetheless, that child stillevolved naturally.

He was barely seven years old, but he already had a few billion under his name.

This was the true meaning of sick, all right

Compared to him, in terms of capability, Little Yichen could be deemed as normal.

This woman was not paying attention to the strange light in the mans eyes, though, and only nagged further, “The child is still so young.

By imposing so much training on him, itll only curb his development.

Seven years old is the age when he should be carefree.

Its time to let him have an unfettered childhood.”

“Little Yichen is very talented in this aspect since before,” he mildly said, “and actually prefers fiddling with firearms rather than watching cartoons.

In fact, hes more into seeing military-themed movies and documentaries.”


She was clearly surprised by this.

He glanced at her and smiled.

“That child, if properly groomed, will be a talented soldier.”

Of the twins, one was an entrepreneurial genius and another was a military talent.

With their respective fortes, they complemented each other well.

Genes were indeed extraordinary.

She shook her head in shock.

“Well, I still think that Little Yichens ability is too sick.

Its really unscientific for a child to have skills comparable to an adult.”

The mans brows twitched violently.

This stupid woman.

Compared to Youyou, that little demon king, Little Yichen could not be considered as sick but a little angel, instead.

The older twins skills might be formidable, but his mental state was not far from those his age.

Meanwhile, the IQ and EQ of Yun Tianyou were no longer at the category of children.

She merely had yet to witness that boys demonic side.

He, on the other hand, had experienced it firsthand.

That was a truly scary experience if he must say.


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