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A single statement which was wicked yet elegant.

It stunned Song Enya for a moment.

With wide eyes, she sized up this woman, and when she felt her heart tense up, she clenched her teeth.

“You! This b*tch—”


Yun Shishi sent a tight slap to her face.

This left Song Enyas stunned face reeling.

Cradling her stinging cheek, she could hardly believe it!

She was hit by someone.

Yun Shishi sneered.

“Did your parents not teach you anything”

“How dare you hit me!” Her eyes were flushed with anger.


The other just laughed and sent her another tight slap.

At this point, she was completely stunned.

“Shall I slap you to let you see how many times I dare”

Yun Shishi emotionlessly pulled up her sleeves.

Just as the mans niece wanted to retaliate, she gracefully turned around and left!


Song Enya clenched her teeth and stood up from the ground to chase after her.

A hint of annoyance showed on Yun Shishis face.

She just did not know when to stop!

The dispute between them was witnessed by a server at the dock.

His eyes locked onto Yun Shishi and on her black off-shoulder dress, as well as her waist-length silky hair and exquisite makeup.

He knew there and then that she was the VIP he was tasked to wait for tonight.

As such, he hurried over and interrupted the catfight.

“Hello! Are you Miss Yun Shishi”

She faced this newcomer and saw that it was a smartly dressed man with a polite disposition and smiled.


Yes, I am.

May I know who you are”

“Miss Yun, Im in charge of Bali Island Western Restaurant.

You are our guest tonight; Im here to escort you!”

She was momentarily dazed.

Song Enya was also stunned at the back.

Bali Island!

She was very astonished.

Was she here for a date

Bali Islands couple package was worth at least 10 to 13 million.

This was a lot of money even in the whole capital!

By word of mouth, this restaurant was the ultimate dream of many counterparts.

A meal here comprised eight delicacies, complemented by aged wines.

From cutlery to interior decoration, everything was exquisitely made.

Rumors had it that, before a meal, one could take a 30-minute helicopter ride overlooking the picturesque Huxin Island, and one would also receive 10,000 roses during the meal.

This alone attracted many women.

Being able to date in Bali Island was a sign of prestige.

Who was the man she going on a date here!

Her chest felt stifled. Is it Brother Mu

Yun Shishi was a little surprised as well, but she at least knew who had made this arrangement.

She squinted at the mans niece, then faced the waiter, and politely smiled.

“All right.

Ill follow you, then.”


Song Enya, with a livid face, shouted, “You… Are you dating Brother Mu!”

She turned to look at her expressionlessly.

A date

He would go on a date with her

She could not imagine that he would actually use his spare time for a date.

Hence, she dared not confirm that the mans arrangement was a date.

She wanted to see her looking stricken and confused, though, so she sneeringly replied quite vaguely, “Yes.

Im going on a date, so dont follow me anymore.

Its annoying to look at you.”


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